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Discussion in 'Police Bikes' started by fattyboy, May 19, 2012.

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    hi all just brought a 2010 police road king, want to hook up runnung lights, all i goT IS EMPTY running cans where the red and blue lights where,all their is in the cans are a black wire and a gray with a black stripe,their is no togglel switch,dont no how to wire it up please help. Thanks .
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    After you have the lamps working. Whether you make em so they turn on with the hi beam ( which is illegal) or you wire em with a switch. Those darn things are hard to align. I'm a product sponsor in here and I have a product out that not only gives your scoot a nostalgia look it does a couple other things as well. It keeps you from blinding on coming traffic, it prevents you from blinding others in your pack. They wont be putting their hand over their mirror because your lamps are blinding then and it bout doubles your foreground lighting at night. Their called bike shades. When the lamps are lit. The bike shades are unnoticed beyond 10 feet away. Meaning it just shines light a lamp. But it no longer lights up the trees as well. You can read about them at this LINK .

    Here's a picture of them on my trike


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    I replaced the cheesy amber lights on my 2010 FLHP with new Day Makers, both passing lamps and headlamp. Cost some money but after night riding on my 2014 Ultra Limited I couldn't see (no pun intended) running anything any dimmer. The pursuit light switch on the right handlebar turns them on and off. And, you can run them with you high beam on your headlight at the same time (although you don't really need too). Connection was simple.
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    I put the LED turn signals on and Daymakers in headlight and spot lights. They are awesome.