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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by ajlorh, May 10, 2011.

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    I recently bought a 2011 Heritage Softail. Put in a oil gauge and she seems to run "hot". Outside temp high 70's bike after highway riding only had temp of 245. Yesterday after sitting through a couple of red lights and riding in traffic temp hit 267. Any thoughts? Should I invest in oil cooler? Is the new factory set up too lean for EPA? Please advise. Thanks, Andy
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    Wow!!!! I thought mine was hot at 250* in the Texas summers. 267* seems really hot for a brand new one, especially if its only in the 70's.
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    Too lean from the factory, a cooler and more fuel will help:s
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    We have seen the newer(EFI) bikes run hotter than the older(carbureted) ones due to the EPA. Has anyone seen on an actual guage that the oil is any cooler with an added TFI. It seems like a very good idea to add a oil cooler to a bike that runs this hot, but there is an engineer somewhere that doesn't think this is too hot. I have in my (tiny)mind that Harley knows about this problem. Question is has anyone seen these temps. hurting any of these motors?
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    I would also try a thermometer in oil tank if possible to confirm oil gauge


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    Most time you can tell an engineer but usually you can't tell them MUCH...

    I've been Here for a long time and EVERY DAY we hear of TOO HOT.... Motors running with High oil temp and just exhaust temps over the wanted limit of being safe...... I agree OIL COOLER and TFI or a fueler of some sort...

    The EPA doesn't allow HD to put the Needed Proper amount of fuel into an engine...

    HD sells a feuler that DOES Put More gas to the problem..550$ plus dyno time and $$$$ will do the trick...

    They Don't install TFI Gen3 and others at HD shops but installing a TFI or Gen3 at a cost of about 250$ and so simple you can install your self...

    COOL by adding fuel? Yes,, read ANY Forum and you will see that ALL stock motors that come from HD off the show room floor Are TOO LEAN... Adding fuel WILL make them run cooler...

    We have many members who tell it like it is.... WE have nothing to gain by LYING.... when WE say Fuel COOLS the motor, it does...

    MOST if not ALL bikes using a good fueler will feel the Heat difference (cooler) when they were running too lean to start with.

    Yes, Damage can be done to a new engine IF run too Lean... the motors will Burn up a piston and YES it does Happen...

    Stock HD's are SO Close to the Lean Side that it can damage an engine.

    Not all riders ride the same and traffic/weather conditions are varied.. so some will run Hotter than others.. Most HD won't have a problem for a long time ...

    Most SEASONED bike riders/builders will do the necessary things to promote a longer better riding bike..

    I'm here Only trying to help,,, And I'm NOT paid a thing,,, but once and a while a thank you means the world...

    Adding Fuel Will cool the temps of a Motor.


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    Here is a little more of the answers here:

    When I went Full stage one on my 09FLHR, Air and Exhaust,,, Not changing the exhaust to true duels but going V&H slip-ons... leaving the stock cross-over in place but going with BOTH "full sized exhaust"

    Then the real cooling I could feel in and on the bike Came From installing the Famous Fueler Talked about Here at HDT ,,, Dobecks TFI...

    NOW that made a big difference and My wife said that on her First ride Without Me Coaching her about the install,, As she knows nothing about the TFI but NOW how cool her leg is compared to before.....

    Check it out here on HDT and read the "Dobecks Product Support" Post on the Main Home Page..

    Low in cost and a MUST in My Book.....

    Quite Often I am Right so Forgive me when I'm WRONG
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    Bubbie- i appreciate the time and effort you put into your response. I have no mechanical skill at all and positive direction to remedy my problem is appreciated.