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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by walleye, Oct 2, 2009.

  1. walleye

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    I am having a heck of a time with my passenger floor boards running up my legs. Anytime I have a passenger on my Ultra, when I come to a stop the darn things are running up against my legs. This is a problem as it has caused near tipping twice. Any recommendations? I have learned to stop and then quickly drop my feet to avoid them, but while parking or tight spots this is a problem for me. :(

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    I think Glider said that there are some brackets or extensions that move the passenger floorboards slightly farther back so they do not hit the riders' shins when maneuvering the bike. Might check the Search tab and put in some keywords to find the thread.

    If you don't have floorboards, but have foot pegs, the K├╝ryakyn ISO Mini Wings are small triangular floorboards that are short fore & aft, so less likely they'll foul the riders' legs when backing up.
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  3. FLHXTom29715

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    I have the same problem, especially when backing up. I usually flip them closed and back up, then put my passenger on, it's the only fix I know for the backing up part. When I stop, I try to keep my legs a little more forward. My new street glide, has rear foot peg's, same problem when backing up, but not as bad when stopping. My wife kinda wants the floorboard for this bike, but Im not looking forward to it. Best Tom
  4. glider

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    I changed to the street glide brackets with pegs because of this.
  5. Grillfish

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    I've had the same issue with my RG at first when stopping and starting. I now place my feet a little forward when stopped. It's helped. It took time getting use for sure!

    Now backing up, I flip them up, back up, put them down and my passenger hops on.
  6. mnultra

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    This may sound wierd, but could the bike be a little tall for you not allowing you to widen your stance for stability? With the bike a little lower, you would have a little bend in your knees instead of having straight legs, straight down.

    Just a thought.
  7. harley@16

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    try picking your feet up forward and not like a push off. you shouldn't need to roll with your feet on the ground because your not going to control the bike anymore with your feet once you start to roll.
  8. fireman54

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    You will probably need to lower it. I had the same problem. I put the lower shocks on the rear and that made a difference. When I stop, I am able to get my shins just past the floorboards. Occasionally, I still hit. Also, planting your feet a bit more forward when stopping will help. Of course, if your bike is too high, you won't be able to do this. Note: my inseam is 29". Height: 5'8".
    As for manuevering or backing up, floorboards up and wifey is off.
  9. Smokintoad

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    You could install the HD adjustable passenger floorboard mounts PN# 50768-07 $350. You could change the floorboards for smaller (length) boards or to pegs. A shorter seat like the Sundowner or Reach. Shorter shocks PN# 54631-02B $280.
    Buy your passenger their own Ultra for ~20k, and then remove the passenger boards and mounts.:bigsmiley12::newsmile093:
  10. alto

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    I had the same problem. Almost dropped the bike because of it. I was going to lower the bike, change seats, move the floorboards up, thought of getting pegs instead...All would work. What I did, that worked for me, is just spend time with the bike ( it was new for me having come from a Roadster). I am short (29 inseam...5'7) but I've grown really comfortable with the bike just the way it is. I had to 'unlearn' some things that came so natural from all the years on the Roadster. I had to get over the notion that I could , possibly, stop the forward movement the last foot or two of a stop, with my feet/legs. I could with the way with the Ultra. Also, NO front brake those last two feet of a stop. In short, I learned and practiced and am comfortable now. I altered my handling and not the bike. This worked for me, and it was cheaper too.