Rooms hard to find on route 6 in Pa

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    Over the 3 day Columbus weekend I put in 1000 miles riding around Pa. I drove north along the Delaware river in the east to New York state and dropped down to route 6 along at the top of the state. Apparently there is alot of gas drilling in the region. So between leaf lookers like myself and the drilling rooms are harder to find. I rode until 10pm until I found a room and it dipped down to 24 degrees that night. In the west I rode south along the Allegenhy river and took route 30 east with a stop at the Flight 93 memorial. It started getting congested at Chambersburg so I took the Pa turnpike the rest of the way home. My wife and best friend died of cancer in Sept and I needed to get way to clear my head. If I do it again without reservations I would bring camping gear as a backup. The leaves are in full bloom at the higher elevations and the weather was great.
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    sorry to hear about your wife and best friend. may they rest in peace. sounds like a relaxing ride. hope all is well
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    Sorry for your loses.

    next time around come inside the state more, alot good thing to check out, or tours of some interesting places.
    I know up north of the state and west the gas industry has exploded and there are a lot of contractors filling up rooms for rent
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    May you be blessed with better days ahead. Sorry for your loss. Hopefully you were able to see the Pa. Grand Canyon while on Rte 6. A very nice area to ride.
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    Sorry for your loss. I hope the ride helped a bit. I saw the flight 93 memorial about 5 years ago. Saw it on my way to York to tour the Harley factory. I would like to head back over to see the memorial again.

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    One of the problems with losing her was she was so good for and to me. She spoiled me for living alone I am afraid. I buried her at the William C. Doyle veterans cemetery in NJ because yours truly is a vet. An excellent all expense paid option for all you vets out there. Definiately worth looking into.

    I introduced her to riding and she never looked back. Two month long trips out west on the bike to see the natural wonders. The Flight 93 memorial is still very much being worked on.
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    So sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure that bike ride was much needed "medicine." Sounds like a nice trip and I know she was riding with you. Thanks for sharing all that. Will say some prayers for you.
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    Sorry for your loss, I find riding as the best therapy there is, no matter how bad my day is @ work, when i fire the beast up it is all over. God bless all here who have suffered losses of loved ones and friends, there is no greater loss IMO
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    Sorry for your loss Bob, I'm glad you had a good ride out there. :s

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    Sorry to hear about your loss. When you have a partner that is your best friend, it leaves a deep hole in your heart. In time, the many wonderful memories of the things and time you shared will begin to patch that hole. The empty feeling will be there in one sense, but eventually the fullness of sweet memories will round it out. I hope that you keep on riding, exploring..... because we both know, you now have a very special guardian angel riding with you..... her spirit will be seeing and sharing your rides. Ride safe!