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    I have an 07 ultra classic with 16,600 miles. recently I noticed an oil liak on the garage floor. Thought it was the outer primary cover and just replaced that gasket, derby cover gasket and of course changed the oil in the primary. After cleaning the underside very well, I have found it seems to be coming from the inner primary gasket area.
    Is this something a person with limited experience can handle or am I getting in too deep?
    What approximately is involved?
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    Before you go tearing into your inner primary, where does it look like the fluid is coming from exactly? Is it showing up on the back of the primary and running down to drip off the lowest bolt hole structure where the inner primary and primary cover meet?

    Try this. Get yourself about 2 feet of tubing from the auto parts store that will fit on the transmission breather fitting that is on the side of the tranny top cover between the case and the inner primary. I would bet you have a little "J" tube on there now (take this with you to get some tubing that will fit the nipple). Route the new tubing back over the starter and to the right side of the bike down next to the swing arm by the other drain line hanging down there. See the pix below (sorry for the one out of focus). Clean the bike real well making sure to get your hand and a soapy rag well up in there between the tranny and the inner primary. Watch and see if your leak reappears. Let me know.


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