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    I am in the process of trying to quite down engine ticking noise. I am replacing the tappets, but since I have the rocker covers off I am considering installing S&S roller rockers. Their web site says I would have to also go with adjustable pushrods for that application. Does anyone know if I can use my current pushrods with S&S roller rockers? Any suggestions on tappets? I am looking at the S&S Premium High Performance tappet set w/o the spacer..
    My bike is a 2006 Streetglide, Stage 5 103ci w/stroker kit. SE 260 cams. SE perfect fit pushrods +.030, stock tappets and rocker arms (the tips of the rocker arms look worn down). Thanks in advance for any tips or comments.
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    The S&S Premium lifters are as good as any for hi-lift cams. However, roller rockers will not reduce valve train noise; they make more noise than OEM rockers. You can run the OEM rockers with no issues up to .610" lift; some say to .625". I know most will tell you that if lift is .600" or more, you NEED roller rockers; not true. I run .600" lift cams on OEM rockers and have run them on SE roller rockers as well; the OEM rockers are quieter.

    I don't know the base circle of the SE260 cams but before you spend the money on adjustable pushrods, you should calculate the valve train stack up height to see the +30 pushrods set lifter preload at more than .125"; if so, you don't need the adjustable pushrods. Say the base circle of the 260 cams is .020" smaller than the OEM cam base circle; that adds .010" to the valve train stack up height assuming the head gasket is stock thickness. The +.030" pushrods will set preload at +.020" deeper than the OEM pushrods (.030"-.010") at about .120"; should be enough. Now, take the same situation but the head gasket is .030" thick; that shortens the stack up height by .015" (.045"-.030"). So now with the +.030" pushrods, lifter preload is .135" (.030" + .015" - .010"), still OK.

    You should also consider the a billet rocker support plate, regardless of which rocker you decide to run; less flex, less noise. I would also suggest installing a set of "rocker lockers", cheap and they keep the rocker shaft from moving in the support plate which is a common source of noise in the Harley valve train.
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    What Dolt said. FWIW, it may be beneficial to try the rocker lockers first. It may save you a small boat load of money and time....
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    Thanks Bodeen and dolt for the input and education. Since I have the front cylinder apart I am going try the rocker lockers and replace the tappets. Thanks
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    Some days my back cylinder ticks some days not
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    Rocker Lockers didn't quiet mine down a bit.......Red Line Oil did!!
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