Roll to Start??

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by zyepod, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. zyepod

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    I started to change my Grips the other day but after the throttle side I decided against it. Here's why I'm writing. After putting everything back together I hit the start button and nothing happened. I took everything back apart to see if I had pulled a wire loose. Everything looked fine. I actually took it apart several times hunting for the problem but all looked fine. Then I remembered someone told me their bike wouldn't start so they rocked it in gear to roll the engine just a bit and all was fine. So I did this very thing... Put it in second pushed it backwards about a foot hit the start button and Bam started right up.
    Can anyone guess as to what was going on?
  2. Lancer

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    Curious as to why you decided not to change grips, I am looking at putting the aileron grips on my 2008 Ultra Classic. Was there a problem?
  3. zyepod

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    The Grips I selected by Kuryakyn had to much play up close to the controls. I know it will have some but this was to much. Carried them back and got some from HD (ordered same price) Hopefully these will have a little closer tolerance. The one's I took back were ISO Throttle Boss Grips.
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    Yeah, for some reason most of the Kuryakyn grips have more "slop" in them than the HD ones. They are fairly comfortable, but that slop bugs me.

    Unfortunately... I feel that way about a LOT of Kury parts... I was a tech for 4 years, and installed several of their kits. While I've had some complaints about HDs quality, Kury's is even worse.

    As for your original question... I can't say that I've EVER heard of this "roll to start" business? If there was NOTHING (starter didn't turn over at all, couldn't hear jackshaft extending) when you hit the button the first time, I don't see what rolling would do to fix that.

    I'm curious to see what sort of responses you get on this.