Rode my brother's dyna wide glide today

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Carroll B, Sep 21, 2008.

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    My brother has been telling me how comfortable his bike is. He tried to talk me into getting a dyna over my XL883 when I was looking for a bike after not riding for 19 years. I have mid-controls and his dyna forward controls. The seat he has is deep and offers lower back support. I think his bars are stock but look like 12 inch apes to me. Anyway riding his bike with the seat, bars, and forward controls is like sitting in recliner. Those extra 567 cc sure make a diffecrence. (1450 cc on his dyna). The torque is unbelieveable compared to my Sporty. His dyna seems to have a much lower center of gravity compared to my Sporty and the extra 100+ pounds smooths out the road better then the 883. I think his bike was a 2000 and the engine is rubber mounted so it is as smooth as mine. Any way my bike is paid for and I like the 57-59 mpg I get on the commute to work, and it's my first Harley. Maybe if my wife ever decides she wants to ride on the back then I'll look at a dyna and retire my Sporty..
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    if you just bought a superglide custom i'll be well jealous :newsmile090:
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    i bet its a 2009 model too
    like them aswell
    pics must have pics
    i'm getting jealous
    we wants it
    we needs it
    we wants it my prec.....:newsmile017:
    sorry about that.
    hope you enjoy it mate & i hope we get a summer next year.