Rocker box gaskets leaking

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  1. goody

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    1995 FLHTC-U, my rocket box gaskets are being pushed out after I had rebuilt the cylinders due to a blown head gasket. I rebuilt everything according to the manual, and have no problems with the exception of the gaskets. The rocker covers were placed on, centered and torqued to specs. I havent horsed on the engine and the gaskets was pushed out very quickly.
    What could cause this?
  2. Bud White

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    2 piece or 3 piece boxs seems there was a problem with the gaskets pushing out or a change in gasket material

    here is a post

    Fatboy EVO leaking oil - Harley Davidson Community

    Im sure Glider will offer more about this i coudl only find the one post really talking about it
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  3. fin_676

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    Normally the lower rocker gaskets are the ones that leak there is a one piece metal gasket as a replacement this doesn't seem to have any problems
    i bought a rocker box gasket kit using the hd part number for the kit and got the new gaskets in it

  4. goody

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    This isnt the lower gasket. I do have the metal gasket on the lower case. The gasket pushing out is the one between the top and middle case.
  5. Breeze3at

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    I remember it was a reoccuring Evo problem, seems like it was most often the left rear.
    Harley made many revisions, and I don't think they ever got it right, problem seems that the mating area is very narrow and they squish. I think the ones I used on my '92 were Comotec, still dry. There were also some other good ones James and Janes? Gosh, that was 14 or more years ago.
  6. Dan89FLSTC

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    On my `89 the middle part became warped, it was bowed out so that the gasket would not seal. Into the scrap pile they went. I replaced them with units from Drag Specialties, quite a bit less money than the dealer wanted.
  7. zoo-mon

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    I had a similar prob. with an evo motor. The top rocker cover gasket did the same thing when i tightend the bolts. The gaskit surface seemed to have a groove. except in a radiused area in the front of the head. And this is where it pushed out or in. Gaskits didnt cost that much. So I got a new one until it finally sealed. One thing that helped though. I cleaned the surface area real good with brake cleaner removeing all the oil. With the rocker cover real clean and dry it sealed. It drove me crazy til I got it to stop leaking. The gaskit that did the trick was a gray one, the black ones didnt work. Best of luck.
  8. HarryB737

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    I had real good luck with a simular problem on my '07 sportster. My front valve cover started to seep, so I did some research on different gasket companys. I ordered a rocker box gasket set from a company called "Cometic" and had very good success with a good seal 1st time around.
    If you're interested check them out on the Web or their phone # is (440)354-0777. They have all types of Gaskets for Harleys... Good Luck.
  9. goody

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    Thanks for the info. I did all the above (cleanliness, etc) It just seems like there is too much pressure in the rockers? somehow? Someone was talking too high crank pressure, but I dont know how that could occur or be corrected. I will look into Cometic and new covers at Drags to see how different they are.
  10. gtnot

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    Is it possible that either the head breathers or umbrella valves are clogged/non-functional?