Roadglide fairing screw housing fix

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by revok1200, Mar 8, 2014.

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    Just thought I would pass along how I fixed the screw housing on my outer fairing since the housings over time have stretched and some of the screws wouldn't hold snug any longer.

    First, I have an 06' RG and I am referring to the six screw housings where the screws slide through the inner fairing (3 on each side) and screw into the housings molded into the outer fairing.

    I came up with a simple solution. I use either 8 or 10" long zip ties, cut them in half length wise, and then cut them into approx. 1" long pieces.

    I put superglue on one side of the 1" piece and use needle nose pliers to insert one piece into the screw housings. (Fairing can be on or off the bike) Let them sit for a few minutes and then insert the screw.

    The plastic takes up just enough space to let the screw tighten and hold, but not put stress on the housings causing them to split or crack.

    Just thought I would pass my method on to you, anyone else have a different way of curing this problem?

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    Thanks for the info, but the wrong part.

    I am talking about the six nuts that assist in holding together the inner and outer fairing. They screw into the fixed screw housing on the outer fairing.

    But, I may pick up the well nuts you mention while in Florida this week, they do look much better.