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    So, I'm coming due for a new rear tire, probably in the next 3 weeks when the the bike comes due for inspection at the end of the month. its not smooth at the wear band yet, but I can almost garuntee that the inspector will fail it on general principles. I figure I'll order a tire now and have it on hand if they fail it, or stash it for a few months for later installation.
    Heres the question: The stock, as we all know, is the Dunlop D402 MU85B16. As far as I can tell, that is the ONLY tire that size made (150/85/R16?). Am I asking for trouble by ordering a 150/80 or 150/90? My research has found more than a few tires in those sizes that cost half as much.
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    I cant remember the exact size but, I have the next size larger Avon Venom on my '03 RK. It s a tight fit but it works good enough to have worn out two of them. I'll post up the size this evening when I get home.
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    The difference you are talking about is aspect ratio, the difference in height of the tire compared to width. 80/85/90 will interchange. You just can't go much wider because of belt and guard clearance. I just put a MU90 on my FLHTC with no problems. Just off the top of my head, I think MT=130, MU=140 width.
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    Inspector? If you don't mind me asking, who or what are you refering to?

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    Sorry about delayed reply, work got crazy and I have a 6 week old at home.
    Inspector = vehicle safety inspector. I live in a nanny state, where you have to get your vehicles checked once per year to make sure they are "safe to operate". I, for one, know its a scam for service shops to make money. they will fail u for tiny, nit-picky, or imaginary things then charge you a mountain on money to fix it, particularly brakes and tires. My mother in laws car once failed for brakes...that i had personally replaced 2 weeks prior. she promptly went to the manager stood there while the manager personally put it on the lift, checked them, and pronounced them fine. the inspector still has a job at that shop, so he must be pretty good at suckering people into repairs they dont need.