Road King or Street Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Vegas Sam, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Vegas Sam

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    I need help, I have a 2008 Black Road King with about 8,000 miles. When I purchased the bike I had the bike lowered front and rear and a new seat installed so that I could be flat footed at stops. I had a rider's backrest installed and my handlebars replaced. I'm 5'7" with a 28" inseam. My RK is very comfortable to ride for as long as I wish.

    I will be retiring in a couple of years and have been looking at the new bikes. I like the RK's looks but I also like the looks of the SG. My plan is to keep whatever I purchase for a while.

    I have been thinking of getting an orange RK, get it lowered and have pipes installed for a little rumble. I would also like a solo seat as my wife refuses to ride with me.

    Have the 2011 RKs had any issues? Has HD taken care of the high speed wobble? Has the exhaust been re-routed so as not to burn your leg? I believe I read where HD had changed the frame and addressed these issues, is that true?

    While the RK looks good so does the SG! I have never ridden a SG but have read that fairings take some getting used too. That said, I like that the SG has a sound system, I like the short windshield, I like the idea that if raining the fairing redirects the rain around you, not the case on the RK.

    I would like your opinions on both the RK and SG, I will filter through the responses and make my choice. I would like to thank you for your opinions in advance. It's great to have this problem, how can I lose they are both harleys. Oh, one last issue, 2011 or 2012?

  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    When I was looking to upgrade from my Sporty 3 years ago, the final 2 bikes I whittled my choices down to were the same as yours.

    I obviously chose the Street Glide for the following reasons:

    1. Fairing offered better protection to the upper body and hands
    2. Sound system
    3. More info available from the variety of gauges
  3. randaddy

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    ...I've owned both the RK and can't go wrong with one or the other. Both have their pro's and con's. I've also owned the Ultra Classic too and they are great bikes. I think my next one may end-up being a Road Glide...never owned one of them. However, I did own a Honda 750 with a Vetters Wind Jammer on it back during the 70's and it was hottest thing going then, Good Luck.
  4. pigrider

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    I currently have a heritage softail and if I ever get another bike the sg is on top of the list. Just somthing about that bike that just does it for me. I know several people that's got rk's and love them but for me there'e just something about them that don't look right. I guess it must be that the SG's have more of a cruiser styling but have all the good stuff to load it up and go touring.
  5. dbmg

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    The fairing is no big deal. The added bonus of tunes is cool. Its already lower so no additional cost. Either way the pro's far out way the cons.
    Good luck.
  6. LouEyez

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    I had a RK cvo (2008) and I also have a 2011 SG. Both amazing bike, and like you said some pros and cons to each...
    To pick up on what you said, one thing you should look into is if you can flat foot a SG. If you cant make the necessary modifications to do that, then you have your answer.

    If you can, it is my personal belief that harley will be coming out with another RK CVO this year or next year...I say this because they havnt had one since 2008, and the RK CVO I had is probably one of the best bikes I've ever ridden.

    In Feb is when I believe they will announce the new line up, so wait for the 2012s before you make up your mind...there might be something you like more in there somewhere :)

  7. Indyrider

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    If your counting votes, I'd have to vote for the SG. I traded by 01 Heritage in on a new 09 SG and rode it to Alaska and back in 2010. The ride was 10400 miles and it was a great comfortable ride the entire way. I had new WS installed 6 1/2 high and 2 inch pullback handlebars installed and it made like riding in your easy chair.
  8. Iceman24

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    Similar as Dr. D, but add:

    4. More long trip storage capacity
    5. Comfy seat (vs. Sportster)
    6. Style (sorry, I like the BW fairing vs. shield)

    Agree - you can't go wrong w/either bike...I opted for Street Glide. Good luck w/your decision!
  9. Vegas Sam

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    Thanks Guys, great comments! Are any of you height challenged and any where close to 5'7"? That was one of my original concerns, that the SG couldn't be lowered enough for me to be flat footed at stops.

    Would my dealership be able to tell me if they could get it lowered to fit me?
  10. bonsi57

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    Try two dealers and see if you get the same story. Plus you can get competing pricing so you can get the best financial deal too. Both bikes are great. Try a test ride on each so you feel the difference. Good luck.