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    I need your help.
    I own a 2007 Road Glide with 24,000 miles on it. I bought it new and noticed
    a knocking sound that started after about 5000 miles. This knocking would only happen when the bike was in a high vibration/shake situation - approaching idle (clutch lever pulled in and coming to a stop), idle itself, or accelerating off idle. It sounded at first that it was coming from the fairing, but my dealer could never find the problem. It seemed to only happen after the bike had been warmed up. The knock slowly progressed and became more pronounced as the miles piled up. At the beginning of this riding season (at about 22,000 miles), I noticed that the bike was shaking a lot more at idle and the knocking sound was way more pronounced during those high vibration/shake periods. I also finally found where the sound was really coming from. It was right under my gas tank! Now let me clarify that on the road and off idle, my bike was still as smooth as silk - no vibration or shake whatsoever. The dealer replaced the rubber engine mount in the front of the bike at the very bottom of the frame. This rubber mount is the latest design offered by Harley. They "obsoleted" the design that originally came with my bike. The knocking sound is gone now and the bike shakes just a little less. But it still shakes quite a bit at idle and now I get more vibration in the handlebars at idle (my front brake lever started rattling right away - it never did before and my mirrors shake a lot more at idle). Also, on the road, I now feel more continuous vibration in the bars, floorboards, and seat. That feeling of unbelievable smoothness on the road is gone. My dealer said they checked all mounts and connections and all was in order. They also checked the air/fuel mixture and found that the motor was running properly.
    Does anybody have any suggestions what else can be checked? I want my shake reduced and my on the road smoothness back! BTW...I have 2 friends with 2007 Street Glides and my bike shakes and vibrates much more than theirs. THANKS and sorry for the long post.
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    First off are you comparing the same year RG and with the same upgrades to yours? (stage 1 and mufflers, tuners?) They will all make a difference in the roughness of a bike.

    It could be a stabilized link on the engine to frame or even the new motor mount, they are firmer than the older ones were which could be why you are feeling more in the bars etc.
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    The other bikes are not tuned like mine. But the bike has more shake and vibrations in said areas than it used to have last year. Only change was the motor mount.
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    I have an 09 RG w/ stage 1 (Ness intake, TFI and K&N mufflers) and the handle bars shake at idle, but not any worse than before my stage 1. I do hear some injector noise, but nothing alarming. Once I get going, it smooths out but I feel some small vibrations (but I switched from a solid mounted 1200 stage 1 Sporty so I may not know anything else).
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    Compensator nut in the primary. Worth a try.
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    Another thing that begs checking after 24,000 miles is the tension in the primary chain.