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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by craigc, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. craigc

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    Hey guys, looking at a 2010 road glide customs. Has there been any issues with this bike. I test rode one this weekend and it road wonderful. Would like some input on this bike please. Thanx guys I have enjoyed this forum also.
  2. HDDon

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    I've ridden my 05 over 60,000mi. and I think it's one of the best rides I've had. I've done some reading on the RG Custom and it would appear that with the new frame and CVO motor it should be a great bike to ride.
  3. so cal hoss

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    I own a 2010 FLTRX that just turned over 5000 miles this weekend. My previous ride was a 2004 Road Glide with 30,000 miles on the clock.

    Here are some personal observations:

    The wind deflector is worthless. Looks trick but does little more than deflect wind directly into your face.

    The seat padding is minimal at best and after hours in the saddle you'll wish for a more comfortable seat.

    The lowered rear shocks will allow you to occasionally bottom out but the stance of the bike looks awesome to me.

    The handling of the bike with the new frame, tires and tilted fairing is amazing. Coupled with the 96" motor and 6-speed you'll never look back at your old ride.

    Over all, I would recommend the Glide.
  4. cromedome

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    Love mine, as for the seat, just about all the "stock" seats are marginal, and there are all sorts of after market windshield options..who ever see's a "stock" Harley anyway. That's part of the fun making it "your" bike.
    I think they are the best handeling of the touring bikes...much "lighter" on the front end, corners like a smaller bike at low speed and is "quick" at road speed twits and turns.
    Go take a test ride..
  5. craigc

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    Than you guys for the info. I knew I was going to have to put a larger windshield on it, at 6'4' I need a 16 inch from clearview shields. My wife rides a lot and I hope the bottom out issues does not come in to play much.
  6. Mainah

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    I love my Glide. I think most Harley owners swap the seat and most Glide owners swap the windshield. Lost of info here on those items. They are great handling, cool looking bikes. Some prefer the classic styling, but if you like the looks you will not be disappointed.
  7. billnapabill

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    SoCal's right. Most RG owners change the windshield, the seat, and the handlebars. I've had 3 of em and that's what I did.
    Here's some suggestions:
    Change the seat first, then the handlebars, then the windsheild. otherwise you'll be buying more windshields.
    Stock or Chrome HD Heritage Softail handlebars. Good height,pull back, no cable, line or wire changes required.
    A GOOD saddle, I like Corbin, but ya gotta get one your wife likes too.
    I prefer the Windvest, taller windshield, the one on my bike is the shorter one and the taller one don't chage the looks of the bike much.
    Hope ya get a RG and have fun wid it!
  8. bspinz

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    Great bike & not just cause i own one
    for farings i think having them further away from you instead of close to you like a street glide makes it feel alot better while riding just my preferernce what ever floats the boat man enjoy
  9. Grillfish

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    Looks like everyone has you covered on the comments. Good luck on the purchase!
  10. Fritz

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    Got 2010 FLTRX traded in a Ultra for it.Rides & handles better than the ultra.Did change the windshield to a National Wave 8 1/4 to get most of the wind noise away,now I can hear the stereo @ 80 mph.Stock seat does lack lower lumbar support,a rider backrest does help.I got a 04 Dyna And a 78 Lowrider,neither one has seen more than 10 miles since I bought the RG. I got her June 28 of this year,just did the 10 K service.