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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ironmark, Nov 11, 2009.

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    The wires on the right handle bar harness has a pinched wire & it seems to give me problems so I want to replace the harness because I do not want spliced wires . I checked with H-D dealers & they cannot get the harness ,it seems that H-D used to offer the harnesses but now they are unavailable the only way I can get the wires is to get the H-D cruise control kit for 08 models which comes with the complete wiring harness & switch housing it also comes with the cruise control electronic unit . Needless to say I do not need all the other stuff I only need the wire harness , would anyone know where I can get a wire harness ? I do not want a harness from a junk yard because you would not know if the wires were pinched unless you took it apart .
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    I have the harness from my 07,but I don't think it would be the same.I believe yours is TBW
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    I am not sure if your harness would work the TBW runs inside the handlebar the harness I am looking for is the outside harness that runs to the switch housing . My bike has cruise & radio controls on the right side .

    Here are the cruise control kit # listed on HD web site

    08 models FLHX , FLHT , FLHTC , FHTXXX , FLTRX , HD part # 77196-08 $240
    08 model FLHR , HD part # 77197-08 $240
    07 model FLHR , HD part # 77197-07 $390
    07 model FLHRS , HD part # 77198-07 $390
    04-06 model FLHRS/I HD part # 77198-04 $390
    04-06 model FLHT/C/CI & 06 & later FLHX/I HD part # 77196-04 $390
    02-03 model FLHR & FLHRI 77183-02 $ 390
    02-03 model FLHT & FLHTC/I HD part # 77182-02 $390
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    I'd try HILL COUNTRY CUSTOM CYCLES ask for CHRIS and PLUG THIS SITE hdtimeline...
    He may have or suggest something simpler than HD does..

    please report back on here for my time to you.. thanks

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    You don't say what wire is bad. I would try a different dealer or stop by one of the other stores that are not a oem dealer and talk to them. Wires can be fixed.
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    You might check J&P Cycles online catalog. Check out part no. 5000956, for starters.

    But I gotta volunteer: if all you have is a bad wire, I strongly suggest you pull the wires, check each one for continuity, then either fix (splice) or replace the bad one. This is a piece of cake to do. Well ... maybe not a piece of cake, but it's about as close to a no-brainer as bike work can be.
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    If you replace the wiring harness you'll have to totally disassemble the switch housing to install. You may not have to totally disassemble all of the switch housing if you repair a pinched wire, making the assumption you know which wire is pinched.

    If you aren't comfortable with a solder gun I guess I understand your question but I have to ask; What is your concern over spliced/repaired wires?

    There are 26 splices in the internally wired bars I installed last year. Those I don't worry about because the guy that made those connections looks back at me from my mirror when I shave every morning. LOL