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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by AirHog, May 2, 2011.

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    Living in RI (the smallest state in the union) does not give us lot of flexibility for quick after work rides. Most of our (wife and I seperate bikes) rides are usually 45-60 miles (country roads with posted limits) with speeds of approx. 45 mph- 3rd gear at 2700 RPM.

    Are we causing any harm to the engine riding at the lower gears or do have to do some highways and push the 65 mph range? Hope to have some longer and higher speed rides in the summer- but those will be far and few in between. We have about approx. 1200 miles per bikes- changed fluids as adviced by this site- mobil, spectro and HD formula.

    We are newbe's so any comments will be appreciated. Love our bikes.

  2. HDDon

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    I don't think you are doing any damage but why not shift up to forth and 2200, 2300 RPM?

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    The tyranny's are Constant Mesh, so no problems I can see,,,,

    I would do a shift to the other gears every once and a while ,,,, In and Out just for the shift... Not suggesting to run in those gears for any length also so you don't Lug the bikes..

    I run my 09 FLHR bike in 4th and 5th most of the time and NO problems have ever come about.. Same on the Many others I have owned over the years.....


    I do like using Redline Heavy Shockproof in MY Tyranny's,,, Wear is NOT THERE . (period)
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    Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I have the 6 speed and keep my gear choice with the numbers.....

    30's I run 3rd gear
    40's I run 4th gear
    50's I run 5th gear
    I'll shift to 6th when I hit 65+

    keeps the motor running at a nice rumble and still have plenty of quick acceleration if needed. If I run 45 in 3rd gear she'd be revving pretty high for my liking.

    To the original poster......not knocking you.....just providing my opinion based on how I ride. Question for you.....did you ride sport bikes in the past? Sport bike riders that turn to cruisers may have a tendancy to want to run the higher RPM range in lower gears.
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    The only problem i can see is that your mpg will not be high due to being in a low gear

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    I prefer to ride the back roads in my area as there are less cages around and it's just a safer ride. The posted limit is 50 and that's what I do, in 5th gear in my '99 Ultra. It's a nice flat area, so the motor doesn't lug at all.
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    You guys crack me up! You consider 2700RPM to be running at high revs? I normally don't upshift until over 3000. Run at 2700 all day long if necessary - it's kind of a sweet spot on a Big Twin - decent mileage and torque readily available when you twist the throttle. I think too many HD riders cringe when the RPM's get above 2500 so they lumber around in the 2000-2500 range all the time. Guess it makes your pipes sound more "Harleyish" at the lower RPM's. Higher RPM's and you run the risk of starting to sound like a sport bike.

    To the OP - ride however you see fit, as long as your not lugging the engine or exceeding the red line. If you're riding mostly back roads as you said and not interstates, I think it's an advantage to keep the RPM's above what would be considered "normal cruising" range.
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    Wasn't saying he was hurting the bike.....I ride a little lower in the rpm range because it just feels like a cruiser down in that range.
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    Never been on bike before the HD. The bike seems to feel the best at 2600-2700 rpm. We do go through the gears , however due to posted speed limits we end up mostly in third and sometimes in fourth. Yesterday was a beautiful day and we rode approx. 85 miles- felt good for the soul.

  10. whacko

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    Yeah I'm from Massachusetts and rode about 150 miles yesterday with a group. Up to the swap meet in Keene NH. As far as what gear you use....ride how you feel comfortable. As The good doc said.....it won't hurt the bike.....I just keep mine in the lower rpm's because I like the feel!