Riding over pants recommendations.

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    Greetings folks!
    I need some suggestions for over pants. I'm an ATTGATT type of rider. What I'd like is something that could be used year round (removable liner), with ce armor, and road rash resistant. I'd prefer pants that could be worn over jeans and stashed in my book bag when I'm off the bike. Any suggestions and links would be great. As a side not I'm 5'6 so the problem I've ran in to is the pants are too long and the armor doesn't fit right at the knees. Thanks in advance.
  2. dolt

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    Check out Ruste Protection; no need for over pants. I had a pair of Levis 505s done and very happy. However, if I order another set, I will send a pair of 501 or 514. Also straight cut but a bit looser fit in the hip and knee area where the CE armor is. Cost is not that much out of line with an aftermarket set of riding pants but the advantage is, for me, anyway, I know they will fit; no trial and error. I could never wear anything over a set of jeans unless it was to keep me warm.:s

    Ruste Protection - Tailored protection for your favorite clothes
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    I can never wear jeans,I've tried every # of fit,too tight,even if oversized.The pants that are always comfy are Dickies,I get em a little big.Then you can cuff em and wearing sweats underneath is no problem.Colder weather requires ski type pants,I got some that have a tough exterior at Walmart on sale for 39 usually 89,they are cheap in Spring after the cold.
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    My riding gear was made by heine gericke a German company trousers have a gortex liner and are 100% waterproof removable quilted cold weather liner and vent zips for when it is warmer removable ce armour in the knees
    I do not know if heine gericke is available in the US if it is they are worth looking at it there stuff is not the lowest price but is very good quality and it works
    I have 2 other pairs of waterproof trousers that leak in heavy rain usually at the crotch but the heine gericke has not so far over the last 3 years and they have been well tested

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    Ruste can modify jeans, Dickies or Armani suit pants if that's what you want to wear. BMG is my choice for cold weather gear. I will not ride cold, being uncomfortable on a motorcycle is a dangerous distraction. It doesn't get cold enough, IMHO, in south Texas for heated gear but if that is what I need to stay comfortable, warm and loose, I would go that route as well.:s