Riding in the Rain: Alaska Trip

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    No drought about it ....

    I'm riding in the rain
    Just riding in the rain
    What a glorious feelin'
    I'm happy again
    I'm laughing at clouds
    So dark up above
    The sun's in my heart
    And I'm ready to ride
    Let the stormy clouds chase
    Everyone from the place
    Come on with the rain
    I've a smile on my face
    I ride down the lane
    With a happy refrain
    Just ridin',
    Ridin' in the rain

    I've read about people complaining of and canceling rides because of rain. When I headed up to Alaska from Toronto this past June, just north of Regina Saskatchewan we got rained on and heavily at times, everyday en-route to Alaska. At times riding the last 300 miles in the Yukon the rain had filled crater sized potholes and during the heavier downpours it became very difficult to decipher between potholes and shallow standing water. (the big potholes have surf) But the rain at the top of the world really did actually add to the adventure. Sure, it's a lot of extra work getting in and out of rain gear ... over and over (My buddy on his BMW had that modern high-tech motorcycle apparel that you can wear in the rain ... He didn't get the repetitive work out I got )

    On the return trip after we split up at Watson Lake Yukon, I enjoyed the first day on my own riding down the Cassiar-Stuart Highway ... The first 200 miles south out of the Yukon were totally desolate. Just man and his motorcycle ... Total solitude. Not one oncoming vehicle to be encountered, and nothing but empty road, forest and blue sky with a few clouds in the rearview mirror ... Wasn't until I stopped at Dease Lake to camp for the night did I see another living soul ... It had been an absolutely marvelous afternoon ride. The last 200 miles of the Cassiar (with a side trip into Hyder Alaska) and the following 400 miles to Jasper, my old friend the rain returned frequently if not erratically and sometimes with a vengeance.

    Just before entering Jasper National Park, there is a beautiful roadside pullout beside a small emerald green lake. I decided I needed a short power nap. It was raining ... not all that much, but a good steady drizzle. The pullout beside the lake is well manicured with picnic tables and a good-sized parking lot. I rode in, parked the bike and trailer close to a table. Now at about the same time I parked, a tour bus arrived with an invasion force of European sightseeing tourists. I think I may have given them their money's worth ... I dismounted, full head to toe rain gear, gloves, rubber rain boots and full face helmet. I removed nothing ... didn't even open the face shield. Walked directly to the picnic table, lowered the sun visor inside the shield and stretched out on top of the table, in the rain and had a 5 min. (possibly 8 min.) power nap. As I drifted off I'm sure I heard the clicking of cameras. ... Got up and walked directly back to the motorcycle to resume my riding in the rain. I had this strange feeling I was being watched by a bunch of Europeans ... Why it was almost unsettling. Don't they ride and nap in the rain in Europe? ...:s





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    WOW! Nice writeup! Same here on the riding in the rain! Makes it a totally different ride! Tourist can be a HOOT! Thanks!

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    The scenery in your pics make riding in the rain sound worthwhile. Thanks for sharing.
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    Great story and pics. Tell ya, the far east tourist are something too. We were in Seligman Az when 2 bus loads stopped. The ones who didn't stampeded to the restrooms seemed like they never saw leather or motorcycles.:D
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    What a great author you are! Loved the pics. You sure know how to travel and have a super positive attitude. Thank you for sharing!
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    Great pics and story. Guess on a ride like that you have to plan your gas stops carefully as I'll bet there aren't gas stations on every corner up there.
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    Excellent write-up and photos. Please keep us posted on your excursions.

    Thanks for sharing.
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    :s Great story and pictures, enjoy your trip and post more pictures when you can
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    Thanks for the story and pics.
    A good friend of ours here on the forum (Kemo) and another friend Ernie were supposed to make that trek this summer.Unfortunately Ken was killed in an accident and never made the dream ride.Ernie did go alone though to commerate his friend (Ernie is 75 yrs. young)
    If anyone would like to see his pics from his trip they are posted on facebook.
    You may have to scroll down a bit