Riding Along US/Mex Border?

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by Dr. Dolittle, Jan 11, 2011.

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    I'm going to be renting a Harley in San Diego Thursday and have been playing around on Mapquest looking at potential routes.

    I might start out heading east along Telegraph Canyon/Otay Lakes Road towards Campo but I see a lot of this road runs just north of the border. I have no plans to cross into Mexico but I'm wondering if this route is even a little too close to be safe on a desolate stretch of California highway. It'll be daytime.

    Am I just being paranoid? Anyone heard of problems along this stretch of road?

    The rest of the day I'm planning on crossing over the interstate and heading through Mount Laguna, Julian, Ramona, and maybe a stop at Barona for a late lunch/early dinner since my wife's aunt raves about the place!
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    IMO just to be safe I would stay as far north of the border as I could and I dont think you are being paranoid just safe.
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    I'm all for being prudent. You might want to talk further with the folks at the Harley Shop & maybe some locals about your planned route to see if there's been any problems along that strech of road, or any other roads in the vicinity.
  4. kemo

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    The Tank is correct. Today I went to Progresso Mexico to the dentist. When I crossed into Mexico their army is there in armoured vehicles with machine guns mounted. There are dozen or so soldiers walking about with machine guns. Going to Progresso you can see the fence that runs the length of the border and you see the border patrol traveling the highway.

    By the way it cost me $130 to have a crown put on my molar.

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    We do a lot of riding out here and the closest we go to the border is I-8. Most of our riding is north, 79, 78, 76. Palomar mountain is rated as the most technical road in southern California, and I've had folks tell me it is more challenging than the Dragons Back due to the elevation changes. We just drove out to the Salton Sea on Sunday. Did the 78 out and the 8 back. Escondido was 39 degrees, Ramona was 37, and it was around 33 degrees in Julian on Sunday. Watch for sand in the corners in Julian. Of course we left Escondido at 0700 which might explain the temps. Even when we got out to the Salton Sea it was only 57 degrees. Ocotillo Wells was around 68 degrees. Let me know if I can give you any info on the rides out this way.

    The Blu-In (Ocotillo Wells) has really big breakfasts, and good coffee.

    The place to get coffee in Ramona is Packards.


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    Dr.D...stay on the States side and explore the San Diego area. It is a host city to a Naval base so there are plenty of maritime things to visit. :small3d004:

    Of course it is mild and warm here in the southernmost city in SoCal...plenty of places to visit, technical roads to travel, and a mecca for modified motor sports. :D
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    Hey Kemo....fellow canuck here in Ottawa retiring soon, I noticed that you are near US/Mexican border, looking to head south for the winter months after I retire, whats your location? Good place? Reasonable? Thanks


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Personally, I would check with a LOCAL sheriff... They will give Good advice on Where it would Not be saft to ride..

    My Sheriff friend said in a text the other day, "IT looks like we'll Take the Freeway over to El Paso from now on."

    Used to go around the END of Az. up into NM - Rodeo area, taking the Border Road that is used by the Patrol,,, Hgy #9. , A two lane all the way into Texas..

    POSSIBILITY of BULLETS coming Across the border was Always a problem NOW on this side OUT OF SIGHT of the line.... More Bullets yet today.

    I'm not afraid to ride that area again but NOT being STUPID is a better MOTTO.

    I ride Cocked, UN-Locked,And LOADED any place, especially CLOSE to the border.......

    Like Smitty "said", and it's not worth the Chance or the Worry..

    Stay Safe

  9. kemo

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    Sounds like the wild west BUBBIE. I ride "Cocked, UN-Locked,And LOADED" any place, especially CLOSE to the border.......

  10. BUBBIE

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    That it is Kemo.

    I have a Az. Border Sheriff friend that took "Col. Ollie North" into the areas Above So. Bisbee Az.
    Showing Ollie the High Ground hide-outs that afforded the Mexican Spotter-Look-Outs, seeing and reporting Safe Routes for Mules to Move the drugs/illegals for a safer trip INTO the U.S.

    I saw (blurred face) in the documentary that was filmed With him and Colonel North.. Good film and Honest..
    I just can't imagine How Far this Drug and Illegal problem Has Come in the last 2 years.. AND Has been ALLOWED to do so...

    It was BAD before and NOW!!!!

    Notice I said Az. Border Sheriff friend: as the government does only enough to get by with and saying they protect our borders down there...

    The governor Jan Brewer of Az., has assigned a Task Force of Sheriffs to deal with some of this problem. Where the US govt. should but is Lacking.(.)

    The films you see on the ACTIVITY the US border patrol is doing Looks Good; JUST too small in numbers compared to what NEEDS to be done.. YET, The US REFRAINS the citizens from handling ANY problem even on your own property... Fines and inprisionment have been dealt out.

    Another Cochise Co. Sheriff friend that I ride HD with,
    Investigated that Farmer Murdered on his own Ranch not long ago. Catching the suspect and KNOWING he committed the murder, BUT Illegals seem to have MORE right than we do..

    It is "OUR" Country and Constitution with "OUR" Bill of Rights...

    Problem is; the "Trespassing Illegals" are given the Same "RIGHTS" that brought them here ILLEGALLY in the first place,,,, Where they should have No rights..

    We are the only Country I know of that gives away so Much that our People have died for..**

    I knew MANY who died for our country (some family) and Know they Didn't Die for **Giving Away our Country like it is done today.

    Boy that got Me rattled......:bigsmiley18: