RG Outer Fairing -- (Sidecar Wiring?)

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    I heard a guy say "You're not a real RG Rider until you've had the Outer Fairing off." Based on recent experience I'd suggest modifying that to be, "You're not a real RG Rider until you've gotten your outer fairing back on!" Gy--olley -- what a hassle. Maybe I never found the right part of the shop manual, but it was very little help. I ended up removing the headlights to get the "slots" over the "hooks" -- then installed the headlights back from the outside. There may be some place in the manual that tells you to do that -- but I didn't find it. I found that solution after about 2 hours of other hassle, then "sitting down to think about it." I think my wiring harness may be part of the problem. There's what seems to be a ton of extra stuff on it, all labeled for "sidecar" this, that, and the other -- mostly sidecar audio stuff. Is that a standard part of the RG wiring harness -- does anybody know? I think my Outer Fairing might have been a lot easier to get back on without all that sidecar stuff in there -- And if someone added all that, I might consider going back to a stock version wiring set up just to clean it up in there. Anyway, Now waiting for my +2" upper brake line, and I think I'll have this thing back on the road.
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    I've had mine off several times and you are correct that putting it back on is a hassel. Your problem with the wiring harness is probably the gremlin that I don't have to deal with. I find that I am reluctant to hold the fairing high enough to get the hooks under the slots on the headlight piece. Once I get past this I now can take mine off and back on in about 5 min.
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    It can be a real pain. Like Don said hold it up high enough for the clips to be able to seat.