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    thanks guys,so i can really use a simple wiring diagram for my 74 shovel
    i want thebike to be as simple as possible,like,brake light headlight and horn,no handlebar switchs,no signal lights,no start button i start it on the solenoid,should i run inline fuses or breakers?can i wire directly withought using a conection box?right now theres a conection box sitting in the middle of my fatbob tanks,its real messy looking i dont like it,i have a softail frame so my battery is under the seat,any sugestion?is 14 guage wire good enough?
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    Great bike keep them Shovels running. I just had mine out for a short ride yesterday, love it. Any way to your question. You will need a factory diagram to tie into but you can get this thing done on 7 wires. Years ago Easy Rider magazine had a diagram in their tech tips section of the rag. The only issue you may have trouble with is the voltage regulator. If you have an old style mechanical regulator the conversion will be easier than if you have a sealed electronic type but it can still be done. Thats is why you will need the diagram. I wish I could give you more info but It has been a long time since I built those 5 and 7 wire harness. Good luck in your project.
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    thanks forthe reply man
    yeah so i got a clymer manual,its ok not as detailed as i would like it to be
    seems prety simple,i riped the conector box out,it was siting in the midle of my fat bob tanks
    man wat a mes ,blak tape every were there was about 20 wires in there,a real rat nest of wires its a miracle it didnt start a fire
    poor old girl,it will do her good
    i love the ride,i get compliments every were i go,dont see many of these old shovels anymore,i love the loudness the vibrations and the raw feeling of riding it,ill take a pic tomorow to show u its in the garage,i just started today to rewire it,yeah about 7 wires is all u need,i got 2 breakers 15 amp and 30 amp,new relay,riped all wires out of handlebars,runing a start button on my coil braket also have a solenoid start button,togle switches for everything else,headlight,kill switch,horn,runing tiny leds for signal lights with togle switches voltage regulator is a newer type,runing it through 15 amp breaker to batery then runing everything else through 30 amp breaker
    to my ignition switch
    should be done this week
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    My first Harley was a shovel wth a 68 engine. Panhead bottom with a shovel top. Check my profile for pics. I'm pretty sure I purchased a new Harley manual shortly after picking it up. You can probably order one. I had a local wrench sort out the wiring. It was a mess. Sounds like you are doing fine. People here are pretty quick to lend a hand. Welcome to the site. Congrats on the new bike. Nice looking ride! Lets see some pics:D
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    hey,almost done the wiring job
    i messed up tthe kill switch wires today
    fried my electronic ignition module
    darn,this mistake is costing me 200$
    otherwise just got the ignition switch left to hook up
    i got about nine wires now
    compared the mess that was there before
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