Revolution performance anyone?

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    revolution performance anyone?they program your ECM with your mods in mind and your done. if you later radically modify your bike, revpro. for a small fee will re-program your EMC for you
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    Re: EFI Tuner Comparisons

    Brownfoxx1, I’ve been reading up on a lot of these units & I’m on a few forums and I’ve never heard of Revolution Performance. I’m not saying either way on the product, I’ve just never heard of them in all the information & articles I’ve read.
    I like the article attached to this thread, it solidifies a lot of the information out there. In our area, people seemed to be very satisfied with Techlusion & Dynatek products, but like the above article stated, I think they are putting them on any radical builds or mods.
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    Re: EFI Tuner Comparisons

    Why pay someone else to tune your ride when you can have the luxury of tweaking it yourself. Take a look at Dobeck Performance products (TFI, GEN3 & GEN4)'ll be glad you did...
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    Re: EFI Tuner Comparisons

    Like a lot of members here I looked at most of the tuners/fuelers out there. If I had known about this forum before I did my upgrades I would have had the Dobeck unit. Everytime I read about the easy install and how well the bike runs after, I think about my SERT and all the tuning necessary. Dobeck is here on the forum with us and offers members a discount, don't think you could go wrong with one of their units. Don
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    Re: EFI Tuner Comparisons

    I put a Revolution Performance on a friend's bike this spring. We had to send the ECM to them, they programmed it and sent it back. Installation was fairly easy. I think it cost him around $800 when all was said and done. He got some better performance out of the bike but he didn't think he got a bang for his buck. I also put a Gen 3 on my wife's bike this spring. Installation was easier and in the end, a bigger increase in performance than the Revolution tuner. Not to mention it was 1/4 the price. Just my observations. :s
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    we like POWERCOMMANDERS here,very user friendly
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    Nitroracer, what's your thoughts on those auto tuners that plug into the power commanders. I had a PC III go out & I'm trying to decide what to replace it with. One shop suggested the PC V with the auto tuner & another the ThunderMAX all-in-one unit. I'm running an 03 Ultra with a hack, VH true duals, 95" big bore stage 1 kit, including high flow breather.
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    If your stuck on the high priced tuners with dyno time then you have your choices but foir a street ridden bike the Dobeck units do the job very well at a fraction of the cost and no dyno time involved.

    We have Dobeck as a sponsor on the site that can offer you any tech support that you man need.

    TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck - Harley Davidson Community

    TFI Tuner Information - Harley Davidson Community
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    I talked to a Dobeck rep today & we discussed numerous things & like most of the places I called their product can do everything I need it to do. Between that & all the good threads & comments on here about Dobeck, one would think I’d be sold. However, there is just one thing that bothers me about the gen 4 unit, it only has one sensor. The rep says they usually put it on the front pipe. I should have asked why, but I ran out of time. If you have a unit that does all that it says it does & the system comes with a gauge to adjust & prove that it’s doing something, why not refine it & get data from the rear cylinder pipe as well? The rear runs hotter than the front anyways, I know mine does. I also heard & read that a proper mapping is the mapping of both cylinders independently and you go from there, so why not get sensor data from each pipe? I guess I’m getting hung up on that article about POD units sensors having too wide of a band and not segmenting the RPM ranges into small enough portions to satisfy the engine’s fuel & air requirements. I believe you posted that article Glider. I know I’m not pushing a big 103 or 110 motor, but it still concerns me. The price is defiantly better & the no dyno time is appealing, but that’s why I was asking Nitroracer his thoughts on the auto tuners. As it stands, I have a tech that can extract the settings from the PC III & down load it into a PC V and depending on how it runs I may not need any dyno time. Course that all looks & sounds good on paper. My thoughts are, if I do need to get dynode, then I’d get the auto tuner to assist & adjust after the dyno. Am I think off base here, am I over thinking this whole thing?
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    With all due respect, I think you are over thinking it. I think you'll be happy with the performance to dollars spent ratio. If you were racing and needed every oz. of HP out of your ride, then spending that much dough would almost make sense. Get a you a Gen4 and be done with it.