Review of Wind Buffeting Control Devices

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    bogie here again…

    Got a chance to review several devices designed to control air flow and wind buffeting.

    The ‘Ultra Wind Blocker’ by Baker Built Air Wings, Inc. and the ‘Glide Air Deflector System’ [GADS] #003

    They are similar:
    - Both are designed to control air flow around the fairing, tank and saddle to reduce buffeting.
    - Both are easy to install.
    - Both are made of polycarbonate.
    - Both are successful in reducing turbulence behind the windshield.
    - Both are made by small USA manufacturers.

    Yet, they are different:
    - One is larger than the other.
    - One is adjustable while riding, the other is fixed.
    - One is nearly invisible, the other is quite obvious.
    - One is more expensive, the other more economical.
    - One is more effective at controlling the turbulence.

    Read both reviews, make your own decision, what is the best bang for the buck for what you are looking to accomplish.

    One more similarity – you really can’t go wrong with either.

    The GADS review also looks at another of their products – the LTTD (lower triple tree deflector), a very nice product.

    The reviews can be seen at Home - bogie's Motorcycle Product Reviews

    Hope you find the reviews helpful.

    Disclaimer: bogie is not employed by any of the companies or distributors mentioned; simply a rider who enjoys sharing knowledge about new products. The opinions contained in the reviews are strictly those of the writer. Rights to all company and product trademarks belong to the respective company.
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    Lots of good products and information here.
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    Installing the Baker Built "Ultra Wind Blocker" today.
    Installed the "Air Wings" about a month ago. They made a big difference. We''ll see if the Wind Blockers work.
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    Your profile indicates a 2008 Ultra - so you have lowers...

    Be curious to see pics of your bike with the 'Air Wings'...