replacing handlebars on 01 883

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by bugweldon, Dec 23, 2011.

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    Got my new bars replaced all cables, got to clutch cable. Help I removed the side cover where the cable went in to. Can't slide the end off the leaver inside clutch housing. Will I have to remove the large side cover and drain the housing and go inside to replace the cable on the 01 XL883?
    Thanks I'm new to harleys
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    You should be able to disconnect the clutch end of the cable by removing the clutch inspection cover
    you will need to drain the oil as the end of the outer cable screws into the primary cover and when you unscrew it the primary oil comes out
    pre 94 sportsters require the primary cover to be removed to get the clutch cable disconnected but i believe the design was updated to allow disconnection through the derby cover and as my sportster is a 93 i am stuck with the old method
    a service manual would be a great help here

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