Replacing convoluted hoses in fuel tank

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by hillbilly dlux, May 19, 2012.

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    I need a little help. I have already replaced the smaller hose with no issue but my motor is still sputtering. I want to replace the larger hose I see that the hose is clamped on to the pump but how is the hose connected to the quick connect fitting inside the tank? I don't see a clamp, is it just pressed on. How can I remove it? I was told to use fuel injection hose for the replacement, do you agree? Thanks for any help.:newsmile071:
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    Use fuel injection hose clamps on both ends of the hose,pump and tank nipple for the quick connect.
    When you purchase the fuel injection hose you have to specify the submersible type.Standard fuel injection hose will fail inside the tank.
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    I hope I'm reading/understanding correctly, and you are asking about the hose inside the tank that connects to the external Q.D.? I've been looking at my '07 service manual. That hose appears to be a unit with the q.d. fitting and screws into the tank with the q.d. end. Use a 7/8' deep well to screw it out and remove the convoluted tube with it. I don't see why using a hose clamp on a new piece of hose wouldn't work. You must use 5/16 ID SAE J30R10 hose that is rated for submersion in gasoline. NAPA carries it, and it's not cheap.
    If I'm on the wrong track, ask again and I'll try to get on same page.:bigsmiley12:

    Steve and I were replying at the same time, it just takes me a lot longer to get the point across.
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    Thanks a lot Steve and Breeze that's exactly what I was looking for.