Replaced Front & Rear Motor Mounts Today

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Daveg09, May 1, 2015.

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    Noticed the engine was sagging in it mounts. 2009 1200C. Got a front and rear set form JP Cycles. They are clones to the factory ones which is good and bad. The rears even though there is more things to remove to get to them are actually easier to replace than the fronts. Got a PDF service manual off EBAY with step by step instructions and pictures. Did not have to pull the exhaust system as they state. Just pulled the rear pipe chrome cover. Like I said the rears went right in. The (edit) front one on the right side is really stupid because the pipe (I'll call it) in the inside of the mount goes past the inside face of the mount. With all stabilizer links still off the engine from doing the rear mounts. I could NOT get the right mount out of the frame. Jacking the engine up and down, using a C clamp to pull the engine as far possible to the left against the frame I still could NOT get the mount out of the bike. I ended up using a Dremmel with grinding discs to actually cut off the piece of the pipe that went past the inside face of the mount. It then popped right out. I also cut the same pipe flush with the face of the new mount. It popped right in. I looked at mounts on EBAY that are from UK and Australia and guess what. The (edit) pipe inside does not go past the face of the mount. Ya think there is a little back stabbing going on here in the States so you give up and take the bloody thing to the dealer to get the mounts changed?????? Next time it will take I figure 30 minutes to change the front mounts, not 3 (edit) hours.
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    Good job, hopefully others will learn from your experience.