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    This is a trip a few years out. We want to ride in Europe. I wanted to do some research and get an idea of what we are getting into. Would like to ride through England, Ireland and Scotland but we haven't really decided.

    Where should I start looking? We are not looking for a tour. Just getting out and RIDE. Thanks!!
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    Brrr...if you are cold natured like I am...might ride through England...but I'd have to pass & rent a car for Scotland. :). Brian could probably advise on that. It has been my experience in Scotland, (mostly in mid July-early August..average temp is about 60*. That is on the good years...and then top that 60* with a steady rain... and you have your July in Scotland. LOL, granted 60* is about what I like to start the day on with the anticipation that the temp will increase, but that is the high temp generally. If it were February here and I went to 60* weather, well woo-hoo I'm in. But going from 85-90* to 60 is rough on me. :O. The other thing is that the roads are different than what we are used to. If you or your counterparts are somewhat inexperienced, you may look at getting them out on some 'rougher' pavement. I have not ridden a bike in Scotland, but from what I have seen I feel that it may be a bit different which might make the bike handling a bit unusual/uncomfortable at first.

    It seems that you may just be looking at some day trips? Or were you looking at renting bikes for an extended period of time? I'd be game for planning the trip, and then looking at the weather to plan the 'riding' days. But that is just my opinion, and I will be the first to admit that I am a fair weather rider. I don't want to be cold & wet when riding. (I spent 19 years being cold and wet when I didn't want to be working an outside job).

    We didn't go to Scotland this year, but from what I can tell the weather there has been quite nice. Our first year there was 2013 and the weather was remarkable. In 2 weeks, we only saw a few drops of rain where we were in Lanark. (about 45 minutes south of Glasgow & Edinburgh). The last 4 years there, well, it was typical Scottish weather. :). Oh, did I mention the wind? LOL, I love it there, but I really do not know if I'd own the bike if I lived there.

    Here is one suggestion I have; I have an iPhone and I have added the weather for the locations I go to or want to go to, anywhere in the world. When I am curious, I just pull that city up and see what the weather is doing. I also use Weather Underground to monitor sunrise & sunset. (Since most of the time when we travel, we are planning hot air balloon flights). So, in Lanark currently, according to my phone, it is 53* the high temp for Monday is forecast at 64*. Partly sunny in the am, and mostly cloudy in the pm. It also gives the extended guess for the weather. ;). I hope this helps with your planning a bit. If nothing else, you will know to acquire good rain gear if you haven't already and pack it for the trip!
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    It has been hot and dry this summer and that is unusual it can rain a lot and it can be windy it is often wet and windy and cold and miserable mid summer
    Although it does not get hot very often it does not get very cold either normal mid day temp in Scotland in summer about 16 or 17 centigrade winter temps around 2 or 3 c however summer temps in winter and winter temps in summer can happen
    Motorcycle hire may be available from Edinburgh harley davidson in edinburgh or from West coast harley davidson in Glasgow
    My motorcycle gear is all lined with goretex including gloves and boots and usually glad of it
    In good weather there is some outstanding scenery to ride through but low cloud mist and rain often obscure the scenery having said all that i wouldnt want to live anywhere else but do use the campervan more than the bikes
    Scotland is definatley worth visiting there is a lot of ancient history here and once out of the big cities most people are very friendly and helpful
    So do visit but be prepared for changeable weather

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    The Europe trip will probably take place in 2010 or 2011 so I am getting ideas now. Taking notes and we will decide how many days, the rentals, route, etc.
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    I assume the years are a type o or your going back in time.:eek:
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    :D Brian's hot & dry may differ than mine. :p Actually, the temps this year have been very pleasant, I am truly sorry we didn't make it over this year. But hey, rich people problems...had to renovate the castle. ;) The 55-65*F with sunshine is very pleasant, but when you add wind & rain...oh my. But the country is so beautiful and rich in history, that adding a bike element would be very nice at times. For example, the castle where we stay was built from 1272-1296. So, I we sleep in a building 500 years older than our country. When we went to Fort William, someone described one of the hotels as 'much newer'. When I asked what year it was built, the answer was 1700's. Our first year, we were just kicking around one of the local towns and I found this really cool church. I'm walking around it and found the cornerstone. It was dated 1036ad. Our country is an infant. And on top of all we have worked in on our 'working' vacations, there is still so much to see!

    I'd recommend reading up on some of the history of the countries you plan to visit. I read a book 'Scotland, the Story of a Nation' one year before going over and literally there were so many little things that I found myself saying 'I've been there, I wish I had known this'. Good luck and have fun!
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    When I was in the Navy,went to Spain,saw a Church that was 800 years old.The tour guide asked us to look closely at some of the stained glass.Most of the color had sunken to the bottom of the glass tiles.She told us that's because glass is actually semi viscous,and over 800 years gravity let the color sink.Mind blowing.
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    Thank you, Captain. I’m a dumb (EDIT) I meant 2020 or 2021.
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    From what motorcycle riding I saw during my trip to England and France, make sure you choose the high-end insurance option. The driving I witnessed was totally abysmal!!:mad: