Remus Powerizer for XR1200

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Romain, May 13, 2009.

  1. Romain

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    While still debating whether to go for the Techlusion or Dynatek TFI or possibly the Power Commander, each one with its own pros and cons, I came across another possible (maybe) option (that's all I need), the Remus Powerizer came to my attention.

    The unit is manufactured by Remus, an Austrian company who specialises in the manufacture of performance exhausts.

    This unit plugs into your stock wiring harness between the standard ECU and the injectors. The fast microprocessor in the REMUS Powerizer analyses continuously and in real time load, RPM and injector duration, and automatically adjusts for optimum fuelling. Ideal when fitting aftermarket exhausts and airfilters to ensure perfect fuelling throughout the rev. range. Sounds peachy.

    It's available at the moment for the Buells and the XR1200.
    I have yet to find out if it's OK to use on the XL1200C.

    Have any of you guys out there used it, is the XLC engine similar enough to the Buell's or the XR's to make it usable?
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    never heard of it but what ATF ratio do it consider optimum?