Regular oil, Semi synthetic, full synthetic?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by BillMull, Aug 1, 2011.

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    :small3d029::pelaoIm getting ready to do an oil change and filter change and primary change. I have done one oil change earlier this year and put just regular H-D recommended oil and primary oil in. I have noticed a strong smell of gas in my oil tank and it worries me. Im gonna just change all of it. I have heard good and real bad things about all types. From personal experience what would be good to use? In my car I run nothing but full synthetic and a big supporter of it. I dont know if its any different with motorcycles or not. Also, what brand should I use also and weight? Thanks a lot!
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    The oil poll is a great place to start.

    Engine Oil Poll - Harley Davidson Community

    Be sure you chose one that is rated for your air cooled Vtwin. M1, Spectro, Redline are all good choices. The search function at the top of the home page will produce more material than you can read in a day. Good luck let us know what you decided on.

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    You will smell a bit of gas in the oil, but if it is too much you may be jetted wrong, check your carb and float setting. 20-50 should be a good oil the type you use is a can of worms Read the links provided
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    Better investigate the source of the gas in the oil. The Sporties (and some big engine models) lean over pretty far on the jiffy stand. This coupled with a leaking float valve needle can allow the gas to migrate out of the carb and into the cylinders. This will cut the oil and allow gas into the oil system.

    If you have a carb bike that leans over a good way putting the carb at or above the the bottom of the intake manifold, make sure you use your petcock shutoff when you park the bike.

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    Syn all the way, and you will (hopefully) find that air cooled scoots run a hair cooler with it.
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    Well, oil change done!!!! Man, let me tell you that the Mobil 1 V-Twin is the "BOMB"! This stuff is wonderful, well in my bike anyway! I love it and will not change to anything else unless I am convinced that there is another oil better than that for my bike!!!:s