Reg. oil vs. Synthetic, Noisy ?

Discussion in 'Oil' started by cowpoke, May 4, 2012.

  1. cowpoke

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    After reading a bit about this in the past, both seem to have there place etc....

    My question is specific to the new TC eng. and is simply this,
    when running synthetic do you find it to be a bit noisier ?
    i.e., do you notice more eng. noise and/or clutch/tranny ?
  2. HDSickness

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    I have found synthetic oil to be a bit more noisy in the valvetrain area but not bad enough to switch back to dino. I would not use a motor oil syn or dino in the primary or tranny. I use Redline designed for primary, tranny and crankcase specific. Three different oils in three different holes.
  3. oldhippie

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    Yes the syn is a bit noisier, but, like rkc99 says, it's not bad enough to switch back. With dino my oil consumption was up (1/2 qt in 1000 miles); caveat being it was during my first 2000 kms (~1200 miles) so break-in could be the reason. After changing to syn, the most I'm down is about 1/2 qt in 5000 miles of riding two up pulling a trailer.

    I find it easier to find neutral after changing out the Formula+ to a real gear oil; syn or dino. But 1st and 5th gear whine were decreased with syn and many like the Spectro and Redline tranny specific oils. I'm running M1 Vtwin in my primary with no problems or added noise.
  4. bobalu

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    After the break-in period on my 2010 RKC, I changed over to full synthetic in all 3 holes (Mobil 1 V-Twin, Spectro Primary Lube, GL-6 Transmission Lube). I experienced no increase in noise whatsoever, but definitely noticed much smoother and quieter shifting. Neutral was a breeze to find.
  5. kdaddy

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    I switched from hd syn in all three holes to amsoil 20/50 in the engine, 75/110 in the tranny and 20/50 in primary. I could not be happier. Quieter top end, neutral is a breeze every time and shifts are just a light click. I 'll never use anything else. My temp never gets over 210 and it runs170 if outside temps are below 60.
  6. Bodeen

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    I notice more valve train noise with M1. After having checked my cam chain tensioners for the first time at 21k miles, there was 0 wear. I'm sticking with the M1.
  7. STEVE07

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    I hated the valve train noise with M1 so I switched to Bel-Ray full synthetic,quiet top end and zero shavings on the magnet at oil changes.
  8. propflux01

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    Most of the reason why engines sound "louder" on synthetics, is because most synthetics are on the light side of the weight scale. The robustness of the synthetics' base oil allows this. This is also one reason why Syn's get better mileage.

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    I Never read any Replies....

    My Take On This Subject....

    First off,,,, I use Synthetic for the FACT HD's run HOT... Syn oil will Last Longer than Dino Oil (mineral oil).

    No doubt syn, is thinned and easier to pour and DOES seem to have the Noise that a Thicker pour mineral doesn't. BUT will it hold up UNDER Heat and hard running these Air Cooled Motors do?

    I could care LESS about a little more Noise.... IT IS lubrication and longevity Synthetic (Redline) Gives My Motor-Parts and or other parts in question like the primary and the tranny,,, That's what I am concerned about.

    I have used mineral oil and YES I still do. Can't beat HD formal+ for the sporty tranny IMO Other Wise IT IS ALL Synthetic for me... And Redline products are my chioce...


    Why do you think the BIG Banner hangs across the road headed into Deadwood SD? Saying


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    At my 5k service I switched to Red Line 20/50 in the motor, primary specific in the chain case and tranny oil with schock proof in the trans. What a difference the tranny fluid made, smoother and quiter, but it does seem as if the top end is a bit noiseier.