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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by gunnut, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. gunnut

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    Hi again,just to put my mind at rest,my 96 fxdwg seems to be running a little on the hot side,and a bit noisier.(I use red line in everything)but,I'm very much paranoid about noises and stuff coming from my bike.What's the signs I should be looking for to see if I'm being my usual self,or is there trouble brewing ?
    Also,should the bike be on the side stand,or held uprite and level to check the oil levels?Pretty sure its the level side of things,but I want to be 100% sure.Thanks guys .take care.
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    Oil Related Tips - Harley Davidson Community :s you will find a lot of useful info here or in your owners manual
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    I can't say for sure what your '96 manual had, but the manual for my '92 FXD is check engine oil on the side stand, check trans. oil with bike level. I just looked it up to be sure.
    I can't say about the noises. Some days I hear more than other days.
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    Have you checked the lifter screen? Have you ever changed the lifters? Mine got noisy around 30K miles so I replaced them. I did not notice a heat issue but it is altogether possible. Can you determine exactly where the nois is coming from?
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    The easiest way of determining how to check the oil whether it's on the side stand or straight up is this.

    Check it in both positions and see which one gives you the most accurate reading. Only ONE will be right.
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    As gunnut has asked the question just to ensure he was right in the way he does his oil checks i thought the answer was simple because i know how to do the oil checks on my bike
    Then i thought am i doing it correctly or do i think i am doing it correctly
    time to read the books once again but i only have info for the 94 fxdwg but i do not think there are any changes that would affect the oil checks for the 96 model
    For engine oil and gearbox oil level checks the bike should be at normal operating temperature and should have been running for at least 10 minutes i normally go for a 20 mile round trip
    for engine oil check the bike should be on the side stand for gearbox the bike should be upright as with any oil level i like to have it half way between the marks on the dipstick gearbox dipstick should be resting on the threads and not screwed in
    primary should also be done upright level of the oil is correct if it is at the bottom of the clutch diaphragm

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    Just thought I'd throw this in.My manual says '96 dyna and softail evolution motors should be on the side stand for the engine oil check/refill.Take care