Redline Shockproof Leaks?

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by BioGuy, May 18, 2008.

  1. BioGuy

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    I switched to Readline's Shockproof oil in my tranny ('06 FLHR) in the middle of last year, as many things I've read suggested it would quiet gear noise....which it seemed to. This year I've developed a VERY significant leak from the transmission output shaft seal, and the dealer suggested that this is not very common and PERHAPS the oil itself promoted the leak. Has anyone else had lead issues with Redline's Shockproof? More frequent leaks?

    I wanna know so that once the seal is replaced, I put in a lubricant which doesn't lead to another annoying and costly leak.
  2. Fisher

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    I have a rough time accepting that Redline caused the leak.We even stock Redline at our dealership.The stuff is rated at 75/250 and is by no means thin.I would continue witht the Redline as long as you were happy with the results.
  3. glider

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    I have problems believing this also. It's a good lube.
  4. R. Lewis

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    Ask the dealer to give you an "example" of why he thinks the oil caused the leak and not a faulty seal and how many times he has seen other bikes with seal leaks that had another brand of oil in it !!??? Gotta ? for you Bio ---- Was this the dealer / salesman or a wrench bender that stated this??
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  5. Dr. Dolittle

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    Oh man, this sounds like it might be another one of those cases where the dealer is slowly building a case for why this whole thing is YOUR fault and not covered by the warranty! Is your '06 still under warranty? You might want to call around and get some other dealer's opinions.

    Good luck!
  6. Buzzy

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    Yeah, it's always the oil's fault and never the seal. Went thru this with Mobile 1 and Chevrolet so it must be a boilerplate answer they teach them to say.
  7. BioGuy

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    Thanks for all the replies.....AND the consistent views! How refreshing! :s I'm not sure I'd say the dealer was saying I (and the oil) caused the problem, and the seal wasn't the cluprit. He agreed that it could've been just a seal gone bad, but hinted that he's never heard of the stuff (which surprized me, as it seemed like he's been around a while) and that it might've been the oil. I just figured I'd ask a broader audience to see if this kinda thing is more common with Redline before I pay for a hefty repair, re-fill it with Redline, and find myself lookin' at another pink spot on the floor! Thanks for the comments!!
  8. dangerdan

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    I have the same problem here in Ontario Canada.

    I have mentioned a few of the most popular brands of oils recommened on this site to various dealers and its like I am talking a foreign langauge.
  9. Papamte

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    If a dealer tries to say that a particular oil is the cause of seal or other part, I would write or call the oil manufacturer and inform them of the accusation. To deny warranty work because you didn't use their particular brand of oil is ludicrous. I would also think that would fall under the Magnusson-Moss act.
  10. lonnieg

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    Hey Glider, Lonnie back with the 05 Night Train. Getting my act together sending notes in the correct fields, I have read your article on transmission gear replacement to the Baker dd6 I am considering going with this on my night train, right now I have traced a leak to the shifter shaft seal. I saw were you replaced one with a cometic seal could you let me know were I could get the cometic seal or a good replacement. Thanks Again for all your help.