Red Line V-Twin Transmission Oil Review (from me)

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by bobalu, Jul 6, 2012.

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    Well, I have 19,000 km on my 2010 RK Classic now (purchased new last year as carry over stock). So far I've run HD 360, Spectro, and Mobil 1 V-Twin in the engine; HD Primary Chaincase oil, and Spectro Primary case synthetic in the Primary; and HD Primary case oil, Spectro 6 Speed Trans. oil, and Red Line V-Twin transmission oil in the tranny.

    My personal unscientific observations are:

    My bike feels and runs best with the Spectro motor oil. It seems to run quietest with it (subjective, I know). The Mobil 1 was fine and I have no complaints about it. The HD-360 was fine as well but I want to run a synthetic (I'm just anal tha way). I'm trying Red Line V-Twin in the engine next just to compare to the Spectro.

    Spectro in the Primary is my choice. With the HD primary oil, in very hot conditions, and near the end of its oil change cycle, clutch engagement was sometimes choppy and abrupt (again, a subjective observation). The Spectro has been dead smooth shifting/clutch engagement through its entire life cycle. I just bought some Red Line Primary case oil and will try that in comparison to the Spectro.

    Red Line in the transmission hands down. Spectro was fine, but noticably less gear noise and smoother shifting withthe Red Line. (again, the subjective thing). The HD oil was o.k., no complaints. I could easily tell when it was time to change it though. I just want synthetic in the transmission.

    FWIW, I never even considered Syn 3 to be a contender and will not use it in my bike. Ever. Just my opinion based on hours and hours of reading user comments on this and othe V-Twin forums.

    Spectro is a fine product though. If I couldn't get Red Line stuff, then I would be using Spectro. HD 360 is fine as well as their Primary case oil. I just want full synthetic oil in those cases. I'm itching to put the Red Line in the engine to see what its like.

    Just my 2 cents for those still looking for opinions. These postings here helped me a lot so I'd like to give back some information to help others. :bigsmiley12:

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    If you are trying the Redline products...

    Use the 20/50 (like I do) or 3$ more a quart and put in 20/60 redline V twin.

    I use MTL by redline in the primary, same as redline V-twin primary for 3$ more for the Label.

    The Pinkish bottle of ShockProof Heavy is the same stuff again as the v-twin tranny gear oil with ShockProof... Just saves a little $$$

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    Thanks Bubbie. I do recall reading your more detailed comments on this in the numerous threads I reviewed. Great stuff!
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    I have a quart of Redline Shockproof waiting for my next tranny fluid change. Haven't tried it yet, still running Amsoil 90W Gear oil.

    (well I see the HDT server is having some issues today, just got kicked off. Got back on ok.)
  5. HDSickness

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    I have been using Redline 20/60 and I am happy with it thought it might quiet things a bit but no real difference compared to Redline 20/50 but better protection in the summer heat. I also use REdline primary and tranny lube w/shockproof. Great stuff.