recranking issue after bike is hot

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    I have a 2003 harley electra glide FLHTPI that after i ride for a while and the bike get hot and i come to a stop the bike it will die and will not crank until it cools off for about 15-20 min, and looking for a few sugestions that might help me.
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    Have you done any troubleshooting?

    Are you losing spark or fuel?

    If not fuel injected, see how your fuel line is routed. Sometimes routing can allow the engine to heat the line, causing a vapor lock (bubble of gas in the line).

    If fuel injected, sometimes you can have a broken wire to a fuel injector, inside the insulation. After the engine gets hot, the insulation can become more flexible, allowing the broken wire to separate. Does she start stuttering before dying, or just die?

    Does she run rougher until she dies? Sometimes your crank position sensor (near your oil filter) can have an accumulation of metal bits on it (take out and inspect, wipe off). The same sensor can be damaged during an oil change, and become temperature sensitive.

    Coils can sometimes become temperature sensitive.

    is she throwing any codes?

    Sometimes, what appears to be a warm-up issue is really just a time related issue masquerading. Any other issues at other times?

    More info = better diagnosis.

    Good luck,
    Rich P
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    How old is the battery? It takes more to crank a hot engine than a cold one. I've had similar problems with cars and it traced back to the battery both times.

    Another possibility is the ignition switch. A carbon build up on the contacts will cause the engine to shut down when it's hot ( another car experience).
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    Do you lose electrical when it dies? Lights etc. stay on or not?
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    no, i don't loose light's or anything like that.
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    The battery is weak......When my battery got weak I took it to an auto parts store and they tested it. They all said it was good. I took it to the dealer and they tested it and said it was bad. I bought a new battery and my problem was solved!
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    When you say it dies and will not crank for 15-20 minutes,are you saying the motor will not Turn over or it Turns over but will not Fire up and Run.If it turns over but will not fire, does it turn over Slowly, or Normal Cranking as when cold? If it turns over slowly I would agree with Thundermug about a bad battery.
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