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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Billbo, Jul 19, 2010.

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    Hello all,

    I have a 2001 Heritage and also own a 2001 VStar 1100 classic also. On that forum, there was a write up with pix showing exactly how to turn the rear blinkers into - running lights. It showed the wiring by color and how to cut and splice into existing running/brake light etc - and then change the bulbs to 1157 I think - two fillament bulbs - and then the lights came on and were on all the time the switch was on but still had the blinker function ----- was about a 15 minute job and very simple to do.

    Question - can we do the same thing with our Harleys??? Has anyone ever heard of that and do you know what sequence of wiring changes etc?

    (Just thinking more light is better)

  2. Breeze3at

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    Yes, it can be done but I think it's more than a 15 minute job. There are several modules that you can buy that just plug into your harness and make your rear lights running, stop and turn, or just running/turn. Kuryakyn, Tailstopper and Harley are 3 that I can think of right now. Most include red lenses required for stop light.
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    Most just buy the box to change it over plug and play on some splice ti on others they are about 50$
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    I just did this to my '09 FLSTF. Bought the Harley module took less than five minutes to install. Included the red rear turn signal lenses. Very easy install.
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    i took my front housings off and put them on the back, then i took the leads from the turns and hooked them up to one fillament and tapped in to the brakelight for the other fillament.. they arent running lights but they double as break and turns.. it cost me nothing but time.. just deleted the front turns..
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    I would suggest the run, turn, brake controller. Its quick and simple to install. I have used the Kuryakin controllers for years, with no problems.
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    Billbo I have the plug and play that turn your rear into running lights I took it off my 2006 Herritage its like new if your interested in it pm me. I let it go cheap as I change to all led lights!!!!!
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    Ricks, if Billbo isn't interested let me know. I'll work out the details with you. Would like it for my 98 FLSTS. Not sure harness is same as an '06 though.

    Mr. Pete
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    Looking for the part # for the HD brand conversion kit. Went through the entire "Your Custom Starts Here" catalog with no luck. I saw it at the dealership hanging on the wall but can't find it in the catalog.

    Sounds like the kit would add some protection from getting rear ended.
  10. spelk3

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    Look in the lighting section of the online Harley Genuine Motor Accessories.
    You need to get the one htat matched your type of turn signals.
    69462-06A - Signal Conversion Kit - Bullet Lens Style.
    "Fits '02-'03 XL, '02-later Dyna® (except FXDXT and '09 FXDB), and '02-later Softail® (except FXSTD/I) models with stock bullet-style turn signals. (NOTE: Not intended for use on '04-later FLHX, FLHRS, FLTR, FLHTCSE models, '05-later FLSTN models or models equipped with Bullet Turn Signal Bar Kit P/N 68615-04 or 68617-04. If installed on these models the system will function properly but will not meet the DOT minimum separation requirement for a red tail light to red turn signal.) "