Rear Shocks on 2009 Ultra Classic

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by billb35, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. billb35

    billb35 New Member

    Has anyone noticed the harsh ride on the 2009 Ultra Classic? I've adjusted the air pressure to the rear shocks, but no matter what air pressure I use my teeth want to fall out after the first pot hole.

    I would be most interested in any suggestions any of you might have.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    BEST suggestion is: DRIVE defensively and MISS the HOLE

    now going on
    #1 how much weight is on the bike..= you weigh ..= stuff on board=

    #2 then what pressures have you tried it on?

    #3 do you have proper tool to ck n pump...?

    On my NEW FLHR, i am comfortable any range from 18/24#... me and stuff= weight is about 220# total. A good ride on the low side.. 18/20 and add wife 140 for 2 up=24# setting.... add a bag or so for travel, I go to 28#+ if need be...
    The AIR RIDE ADJUSTABLES : I call it a MUCH smoother ride than any on my FXDS with a pair of good shocks in place over same roads and bumps....MY sportster 1200 FORGET IT

    If you HIT a BUMP or HOLE a BIG HOLE you 're gonna feel it no matter what setting you use...

    EATHER BANG or FLY but not GLIDE

  3. jaceddie

    jaceddie Junior Member

    I change my 09 ultra shocks and put on Road glide shocks to lower the back an inch. The ride on my is very harsh too and now I plan on trying a lowering bracket and going back to the original shocks to see if that helps.
  4. mnultra

    mnultra Active Member

    I have found that about 20 pounds is right for me solo. About 40 two up and packed for the weekend.

    One other thing to note is the frame change. I have no experience with this but from what I have read, you'll never get this new frame to "Glide" like the old frame would. New frame=Better handling Old frame=Better ride

    Dang compromises :D
  5. Neilwillo

    Neilwillo Member

    Ah yes, the jolly harsh rear end on the new frames. I have asked the same question as i compared it to riding a pogo stick. There is only me on my bike and I still struggle to get it right. (I'm 100kg) Anything under 20 PSI is bottoming out all over the place. However 22-25 seems not too bad most of the time. On the highway it doesn't matter as it is smooth road but get onto a bumpy back road or a potholed one and it's jolly harsh (I'm watching my language :D)
    The bike handles brilliantly and that is not the issue. My issue is the harsh ride which is so much harsher than my 03 and it still went around corners not too bad. I am wondering if there is a small compressor on the market that will enable me to adjust the pressures on the move, ideally with 2 or 3 presets that i can set with the push of a button. :33:That way if I am on the highway or bumpy back roads I can set it accordingly as I experience the road changes and not by opening the pannier and using the manual air pump.


  6. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    Neil; The police models have compressors that I think are for the rear shocks,possibly I'm wrong (if so, what are they for? ). I have read several posts that owners of police bikes remove them. They mount in or behind a saddlebag. Oh, and they are NOT real small from what I understand.
  7. Drumrguy

    Drumrguy Account Removed

    Maybe you have a problem with your shocks, the dealer just replaced the shocks on my 05 Ultra Classic, they were shot, I rode a guys 09 Ultra and it rode smooth as can be.
  8. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    Neil; I got looking around and I guess the police air compressors are for the seat. There's one for sale for $150, looks like it has the same tubing as the shocks on my '07 EG.

    FLIPBEL Member

    35 to 40 on my egc is very good. Any thing under 30 and it bottoms out on pot holes.
  10. IR Rick

    IR Rick Active Member

    I also run 40 plus, I fine it to be very nice ride,
    if you think the 09 ride rough, go ride a hardtail for a few days
    then let us know what you think