Rear fender seems loose

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Icon owner, Sep 3, 2011.

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    Greetings to all of you,

    I just became a happy and proud owner of a brand new Softail classic, rides like a cloud, no vibration, easy and predictable handling and very comfortable.
    Apart from a spongy front brake, for which I read already a few suggestions herein on an existing thread, I discovered that when I hold the lower part of the rear fender, below the tail light, I can displace it left and right a good inch or so, and the whole tail light turn signal cluster, saddle bags and rails holding the pillion backrest move altogether ! All the bolts and screws seem tightened properly ... Any ideas, is this normal or should I remove the seat and recheck thoroughly all the fastenings and bolts of the rear subframe ?
    I don't believe the frame is cracked, the bike has 30 miles on the clock just got out of the dealership ...

    Many thanks in advance,

    Happy riding

    Icon owner
  2. fin_676

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    I would take it back to the dealer and point out that you are concerned about the movement if they say they all do that walk round the showroom and test on the other new bikes if they don't do that then either yours is wrong or the others on the showroom are wrong

  3. dbmg

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    I do not understand what gives with your model Harley. When I worked at Harley dealer for a year almost every new Heritage either had a loose rear fender or it was out of align with rear tire buy a 1" or more. That was in 2008.
    I guess MOCO has not figured it out yet. Take it back to dealer and demand them correct problem....
  4. Icon owner

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    Thank you very much for your inputs gentlemen, I guess the bike will be back to the dealer sooner than later, so that they can try to sort out the spongy front brake as well.
  5. wilks3

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    How in the world could a bike leave a dealership with a "anything" that loose???????
    And they charge a setup fee...
    +1 for dbmg, make'm fix that.
  6. Slapp

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    "Apart from a spongy front brake, for which I read already a few suggestions herein on an existing thread"

    The Lovely Mrs.Slapps front brake was doing the same thing on her 2011 Heritage Classic, real spongy sometimes no brake unless you pump it up, once pumped up it worked fine. Took it to the dealer and they had to replace the front master cylinder. Seems the machine work in them created oval holes rather than round and they bleed down. This is a real problem and they should have a recall of some type but as of yet none have been issued. I would have the dealer replace the master cylinder if I where you...why try to fix a faulty product expecially something as important as the brakes when you have a warrenty.
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    So reading the replies you received it sounds as though there is a problem with the 2011 classic. Return it to your dealer, have them fix it, maybe armed with a few comments from the forum. Good luck!