Rear Cylinder Colder Range Spark Plug

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    While doing some reading last night about the CVO 110 its in a book im reading don't really care about the 110 but might as well read the whole book
    Its discussing the whole oil leak blown head gasket Saga its pretty insightful on why the 88 95 96 103 don't have this problem but the 110 does ..

    They get into cutting the cylinders in 2 and showing that they are not made the same etc etc

    But im off track on of the Fix's i would say bandaid Fix till Harley really comes up with the fix was to go to a colder Rear Cylinder Plug the whole thing talks about how heat is whats causing the problem with the gasket

    So i was sitting here wondering if you go stock front colder rear

    A. Wouldn't that maybe mess with the ion sensing ?
    B. Could it really cool the rear cylinder that much ? .. I know its a old racing trick to drop the heat range never though of it for this use.

    and C. If it works on the 110 what would have trying on the stock 96 and 88 95 103 since we all know the rear cylinder runs hotter from being covered.

    Would the engine be more tolerant of heat build up to a point and pinging from the rear cylinder ? since there is the a difference in temp ?
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    Heat range shouldn't effect the ION sensing but I wouldn't change the heat range in one cylinder. The heat range or the plug would effect the plugs ability to dissipate the plug heat and not really make a noted difference in the cylinder/engine temps.
    A cooler plug is sometimes used in a pinging situation but generally not with a stock engine either. They will also foul quicker than the stock plug too.