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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kmiller31, Jan 2, 2010.

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    I am real new to the bike world and was wondering what to go over on the bike IE meaning checking it head to toe for safety concerns before I start riding in the spring or when weather breaks. Just wondering what everyone checks out. Brakes,bolts, nuts, handlebars etc.

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    Get yourself an Owners Manual and more importantly an HD Service manual for your model and year. Best investment you'll ever make. It's all in there
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    All good suggestions.Id definetly check all nuts and bolts of anything the prior owner added to the scoot.Some people have never heard of locktight or a torque wrench.
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    Check yourself before any ride. I usually check myself when deciding to ride the scoot or not. If I feel lousy, or really distracted with everyday life, I'll opt to get that under control first. If I don't feel fairly sharp, I'll stay off the bike. For me, that's the first safety things I consider. Then, on to doing a check of the bike ( after pulling out of the driveway, with a soft rear tire and riding down the street , wondering why the bike felt 'different'..I learned my lesson. I do a walk-around, 'pre-flight' check. Last Winter, I had a dealer go through the bike , front to rear. Expensive but , to me, well worth the peace of mind. I do believe I will take the bike in before the start of spring. A good check over of things I don't know how to do. The dealer did find a worn engine mount ( I wouldn't have found this)..They also tightened all wheel spokes, adjustments ( belts etc)...found handlebar bushings a little worn ( 01 Ultra). I do believe I will have my dealer do a complete check before the start of every season. My mechanical skills are limited and my time is even more so. It also helps that my dealer is one I trust. They've done right by me, especially since new owners took over. Yankee Harley in Bristol CT. ( I have no affiliation with them..except being a satisfied customer.)