Rattle coming from front left caliper

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by the draggin, Sep 10, 2012.

  1. the draggin

    the draggin Active Member

    Just went for a ride during which there was this strange rattle coming from the left front caliper. I took the caliper off the fork and examined it and found no visible issues. I cleaned evrything up and lubed the pin bolts and went out for a cruise, rattle still there. Any ideas?
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Are the caliper pins worn a bit? Dis you just replace the pads?
  3. Scrappy

    Scrappy Active Member

    the pads have a vinyl like wrap around them to hold them snug in the caliper, if this unwraps and comes out your pads will rattle around in there and make some noise. Sounds like this may be the case. I have used a thin piece of plastic (like from a milk carton) cut to the shape of the pad + 1/8" on all sides use this behind your pad. when the pad is pushed into the caliper the excess plastic forms around the pad to take away the slop. If you try my cheap method, make sure the pad will move in and out as needed. Or replace the pads if this is the cause of the rattle, replacing is probably the smart approach.
  4. lordharold

    lordharold Active Member

    may make sure the pad is seated in the spring clip correctly
  5. TQuentin1

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    Have you checked the fasteners on the front tin (fender)?

  6. fin_676

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    Ensure that the the floating pad is securley heald in its frame by the spring clip


    set the lower part of the brake pad in the lower part of the frame and the upper part of the pad against the spring clip

    push in on the upper part of the brake pad till the spring bends and the pad slips into place against the lip on the spring clip

  7. the draggin

    the draggin Active Member

    Looks like fin has it. I haven't had the brakes replaced since I don't know when. The pads are still pretty thick and the pins looked good but the position of the spring on mine is not the same as fin shows in the photos. I'll try to reposition the pads and spring and see what happens. Thanks.....