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    I have an issue that just started out of the blue on my 06 SG. I'll be riding and lose the volume on the radio. I go to turn it up and it shows front and rear speaker levels. I only have front speakers. I turn off the radio then turn it back on later and everything works fine. I have removed the outer fairing and wiggled the wires around and found nothing. On rare occasions If I turn the bars far left I can cause the problem. I then look for harnesses being pulled tight and once again wiggle the wires nothing.Never comes back on, I'm afraid if I take it to the dealer it will cost a fortune to track down, Anybody every have this happen?
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    Hi, do you have the cd player? If so, there was a firmware upgrade that upgrades the radio via cd's. I can't find the link but I do have the cd and I can make you copies and send them to you with the instructions. Send me a private message with your address and you can give it a shot.
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    I do have the CD player and it does the same thing. Shows front and rear speakers. The software was update within the last 9 months prior to this starting. This is a very recent thing that has popped up. I guess I need to find which harness has the rear speaker wires and check that out. I have reseated the radio harness a couple of times. Thanks for the offer but I will pass for now.
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    I had a similar issue with speakers cutting out. Ended up being a chaffed wire in the wiring bundle to the radio.
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    Yep gotta find time to pull it all apart
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    Like ReefRider says.. You have to pull it apart and if you dont find anything, it may be a defective radio.

    Here are a couple of links I found on this site that may shed some light on your problem.

    Good luck

    Radio cuts out - Harley Davidson Community

    Radio cutting out - Harley Davidson Community


    You never mentioned what type of radio this was.

    If its a Harmon kardon there is a manual in the down load section that may help
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