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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 22Raptor, Apr 19, 2013.

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    installed a sirius starmate 8 using a ram mount on handlebars. can hear motor hum through speakers. tried different ground points as well as power and still have hum. currently have power from radio harness and grounded to triple tree, hum still there The radio and the hd handlebar mp3 player do not have hum, just sirius

    98 ultra
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    Does it hum when off the bike?
    Say in a car?
  3. Slo-Ryd

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    What you will more than likely end up needing is a 12v inline noise suppressor for the power side going to the Sirius unit. They can be bought at local car audio stores, Radio Shacks and if you have one in your area, Advance Auto Parts sells them as well. A few of the auto parts chains have car audio supplies so look around. The following link is what you're looking for and will eliminate the RF interference you're getting.

    Pyramid 10 Amp In-Line Noise Suppressor-NS2 - Advance Auto Parts
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    Did you run the Aux. cable to the input on the radio or are you tuning it in through a FM station?

    Once I used the aux. cable my audio was crystal. Of course this may not be your problem.

    I also went to the trouble to draw power from my Aux. switch and used the water tight Duetsch connectors.

    hope you figure it out.