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    I'm buying new handlebars (apes) for my bike (2004 FLHTPI), I found a company that sells them pre-wired for a stock electra glide. I have several questions. Are the factory plugs on the harness in the fairing the same from police to electra standard, and I want to by an after market stereo that utilize factory radio controls. The bike never had radio controls and has an after market stereo in place, but I have to use the controls on the radio. My ulitmate goal is to install the bars and plug them into the new after market stereo and be done with it. Someone told me that i need to replace the faring harness.
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    I just ditched my stock radio for a Sony with an Ipod interface and USB/Mp3 support. I used the Biketronics Retro-Radio kit and it works as designed with full control of the radio functions from the stock handlebar switches. If you get your wiring/harness sorted like a stock EG, I'd recommend their kit. Pricey at $225 but well worth the functionality and is the only kit on the market that will support the auto volume control as you speed up. I can flip thru albums/songs at the flick of my right thumb.