Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by trickydoc, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. trickydoc

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    Got an 01 Ultra and would like to update my radio to one with a mp3 cd player. Does anyone know what other models will fit without a lot of adjustments. or would I be better off finding an aftermarket unit.
    got any Ideals?
  2. harley@16

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    any DINN 1 size will work, it's just the mounting hardware that will differ. I bought an Alpine IDA x200 which is an ipod/usb/tuner type with no cd player. I wanted to play from a flash drive and it reads it just like an ipod, or it plays an ipod while it charges it, and you don't have to use the ipod to select music. Hog Tunes is recommended by many hear and the addvantage is the interface with the handlebar controls and mounting systems although there is a limit to the brand on stereo available.
  3. Animal

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    Your radio should have the Aux in jack port which will allow you to use a MP3 player. You don't need to play C/D's, then you have to stop every CD to change it.
  4. acj2001jones

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    I think the handle bar control's are a must. It's really difficult and distracting when you have to reach the buttons on the stereo head. I would never switch out and lose the luxury of the stock controls. Anyone ever use a mp3 player with the stock head unit?
  5. jimharvey1

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    I've used an IPOD Touch plugged into the accessory input jack on the front of the radio. There is no control by the handlebar switches. Just volume up and down. Works OK. I just stuff it in my windshield pouch and let it play. If you are going to be riding for awhile I'd suggest getting a 12VDC cigarette lighter charger for the ipod. The CD player also plays MP3s so I usually just burn a disk with my favorite road tunes. You can get a lot of MP3 data files on a CD.