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  1. ICookie

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    My 2013 Street Glide ticks loudly especially when I first run it. I was told not to use synthetic oil as it will cause it to do this...others disagree. I put slipons on it when I first bought it and didn't do a download.
    Would anyone out there know what would cause this? and what's more important how do I correct this? My friend had his do the same.
    One more question. Twice now on two bikes I owned, two different harley dealerships put my front wheel on backwards....will that affect the tire?
    duh huh?
    thanks in advance
  2. Breeze3at

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    Different Harley's have different tick. Some are lifters, some are rocker arms, etc. Many people swear that certain oils diminish or intensify noises. I don't have an argument on this.
    If your bike has ABS brakes, there is a magnetic sensor in the left wheel bearing that MUST stay on the left side. Otherwise, I don't know enough about the '13 wheels. My '07 has slots in the cast spokes that must face rearward.
  3. ICookie

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    thank you, I don't have ABS brakes, wished I did the other day...but this tick wasn't there when I bought has developed and is getting worse.
    My friend had his bike overhauled and it fixed it for a while....I find that if you use seafoam in the gas it helps
  4. Jeff Klarich

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    First of all can you isolate where the tick is coming from? Sound travels so it may be coming from a place different from where you think it is. It does seem synthetic oil can cause a little louder engine noise but it's nothing to be alarmed about.

    Top end noise/ticks seem to be inherent with Harleys.
  5. wazzle

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    My 13 Ultra 103 is a noisy engine. I changed oil at 5000 miles and used Amsoil. The engine got noisier. At the 10,000 service I went with syn3 and it quieted down. Everthing I hear is the 103 is noisy from upper end.