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    I am a newbie to Harleys (or any motorcycle) repair so be gentle with me….
    I have a 2003 Ultra that just turned 50K. It has the AN big sucker, TruDuels with rush slip-ons, stage I DL, SE-211 Cams. I ride 2 up (220 # & 150#) Country roads some interstate.
    I have pulled the jugs off to have them bored to 95 with SE pistons with 10.25:1 compression. The heads are being street ported (all jug and head works thanks to VeeTwinPerformance).
    I am upgrading the cam plate to the new HD Hybrid Cam Kit as well. I am putting the Progressive Front Fork Replacements and 440s on the rear. I am changing all fluids to AMS oils. I am looking at
    I have the primary cover off already. The change looks good and tight.
    Here are the questions:
    Should replace the clutch or clutch spring or anything else in there before I seal it back?
    What else should I inspect or change while I have everything apart?
    Should I get an EFI? I am looking at the PC-V (retro fit) with auto tune (O2 sensors will be installed) Will I still need to get a Dyno if I do?
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    You can have the clutch components checked for warpage, etc.

    A proper dyno tune that addresses the engine timing will give you the timing adjustments for your PC-V. This should give you the best running setup with the PC-V.

    IMO, a proper dyno tune is needed to get the most out of your build, but may not be necessary to get a bike that runs and behaves good.

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    I am not a big fan for using a Dyno unless you are trying to squeeze evey last bit of HP for racing, etc. Lot of unneccessary abuse during a Dyno session for a streetable bike, especially considering if you choose to use the PC-V AND Auto Tune Module. Those 2 things should IMO be all you need.

    As for the clutch, with 50K on th clock and already being in there, I would consider replacing the clutch and know I would not have to worry about it for quite some time but thats just me.

    As if you did not have enough to consider, here is one more for ya :D

    Oil Suggestions For Harleys - Harley Davidson Community
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    Everything looks ok, but how would I know if it was warped? I look ok too and I know that I am warped.
    If I dyno tune it, will that not take care of the timing so that I will not need the PC-V.

    So change the Heavy Duty Clutch Spring for Stock Clutch (37951-98) or the whole kit Screamin' Eagle Performance Clutch Friction Disc Kit. (37980-10)?
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    I would go with the PCV tuner as you can then adjust the timing and the fuel rates. You will get the most out of your modification work. No matter how much work you put into the motor, if it cannot be properly tuned, you will have wasted a lot of effort.
    As for the clutch, you had better at least get the new "heavy" spring, but it would be best to get the new clutch disk kit, make sure it has the spring.