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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Fourdogs, Sep 12, 2009.

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    I have a friend with a 05 UC...His volt meter is showing any speed @between 14 and 16 volts is this normal..the dealer says nothing is wrong...What should oil pressure guage at idle? He used Moblie 1 V-Twin..has 18,000 plus miles..Thanks in advance
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    The volts should drop off at an idle to 11/12+ but at speed should climb into the 14 volt range if all is right. If it's showing 16, it's a bit high and will cook the battery as well as blowing some bulbs early on.

    Harley Davidson specs is as follows: With a warm engine, oil pressure at cruising speed of 55 m.p.h. and up should be 30 - 36 p.s.i. At idle, at least 10 p.s.i. With initial start-up being around 44 p.s.i.with the colder oil temps.
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    As usual, Glider has you covered. But I wanted to add that these gauges are NOT precision instruments. And they may read high or low depending on a number of things. For the voltmeter, the best bet is to get a DVOM, and compare the reading across the battery terminals on the meter with the reading on the gauge. Do this at idle, about 2krpm, and about 3krpm. That will let you know how the gauge is reading. The gauge is a way to keep an eye on what is happening rather than give you an exact reading.

    Same thing is true of the other gauges on the dashboard. These are relative instruments that let you keep an eye on things looking for change.

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    Glider and TQ..thanks ..we are gonna do the DVOM next time he comes over..again and as guys and this site ROCKS !