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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by pjciii, Jun 14, 2012.

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    hopefully i can get some answers, i own a 2010 ultra classic 96ci. i have installed an oil cooler, V&H dual exhaust, fuel pack, K&N stage one kit and an oil temp gauge in place of air temp. i run 20-50 harley dino. yesterday my oil temp was running at 230 degrees. it was 89 out in rush hour highway traffic and humid. now that i can see my oil temp my question is what should it be. the oil cooler is a harley product and not looking to change and i run dino oil to keep top end noise down. i have run syn3 and amsiol but i dont like the clatter. i know above 250 degrees dino will break down but what should i expect to see for temps as normal. thanks for any responses in advance
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    I run Spectro full synthetic in my 09 SG. Use to use Mobil 1 but I find the Spectro is a little quieter. I rarely see temps above 230 and I do not have an oil cooler. Bel-Ray makes a semi synthetic (Bel-Ray V-Twin Semi-Synthetic Engine Oil 20W-50) I hear that this oil keeps the temp and top end noise down. I may try it next oil change. If I were you I would run synthetic in the engine and just put up with the chatter. You will be happier in the long run.
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    My 2012 UC (4k miles) runs at about 200-210 on the highway and often hits 230 in town riding 2-up. I have Syn-3 in all 3 holes right now only cause the dealer was quick and I forgot to tell him what I wanted. Now in my 07 UC, I ran 20-50 Amsoil in all 3 holes with a cooler and rarely saw much higher than 180.
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    200-230 is normal operating temps. I would say if the temp never went over 230 than the oil cooler did its job. on hot days in traffic, with my bike, I have pulled over because oil temps getting too high (i don't have a cooler). as for your normal temps. I would say as long as the temps are below 230 you are fine. I ride some days with the oil temp gauge not even moving because its cold outside
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    How is your sending unit installed?
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    I changed mine to measure the temp of the oil in the pan as opposed to that goofy splicing into the rubber oil lines. Thats just 2 leaks waiting to happen.
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    230 is pretty much perfect for a fully warmed up engine.

    Please note that, in the heads, engine oil experiences well over what you measure in the tank.

    Rich P
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    @ 230 you're dialed-in & oil cooler should keep it there, or lower (depending on conditions). I've seen my oil temp ride a shade above 250 a few hot/humid rides last season, but still within operational range...