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    When you installed your SE 255 cams, did you have to change out anything other than the cams and push rods???

    PS: What about compression relief?:newsmile108:

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I used the SE slender tapered adj. push rods..

    No. on the Comp. relief valves;

    96" bikes do fine on the Se 255 cams, not needed on the reliefs BUT;
    When I tear into the bike LATER to upgrade to 103" I'll do some head work and put in the relief valves at that time.(higher compression with the 103") (part of my build plan )

    Many will say to change out the INA style bearings in the motor block...

    Now, This Time, I decided Not to do that..

    I have MY reasons.. 4 of them.

    #1, I didn't have the puller and was in a hurry...

    #2, Checking the bearings with New cam ends, tight fit, looked good no wear marks in the old cam ends...
    Thanks to Redline synthetic oil.

    #3, I have not seen a line of repairs on the INA inner cam bearings... Have you?

    #4, The HD style bearing have a skip one roller with a spacer and I think that HOLDs more OIL into them..

    These bearings are in the block and are not pressured fed with oil... Now with the FULL circle of rollers like the torringtons, there isn't as much room to store OIL inside them... The INA's have more space in them and DO hold more oil inside... My Opinion

    Replace IF you want as MOST will say to do so... I have always in the past..

    As far as other parts, the cam chain tensioners, They looked as good as they were when new.. ??? 13,000 miles on them ?.. No other parts needed..

    My exhaust gaskets and cam cover gasket were good and with proper alignment on the pipes and proper torque pattern used on the cam plate cover Nothing else was needed... No Leaks.

    Just My way.

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    One thing I may add here BUBBIE is that when they do go out on you, it's usually a catastrophic event causing major damage.

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    I love Pork Chops SO, I'll be the Guinea Pig....:newsmile07:

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    Always good info and a GREAT sense of HUMOR:s