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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by Davidw2415, Nov 23, 2013.

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    A friend of mine has a 2004 Road King. He says that he has to pull the brake lever almost all the way in before the brakes start to engage and that a service guy from his favorite dealer told him the Quad rings needed to be adjusted. I've never heard mention of Quad rings before and asked where they are located. He said he thinks they're part of the caliper. So I told him I would try to find out where, want and how from the best place to get Harley help.

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    I'm not sure what the service guy is referring to, but has your friend checked the wear limits on the brake disc and the service limit on the brake pads? How long has it been since the brake fluid has been changed?
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    It sounds like the muffler bearings are bad also.:shock Did your friend quiz the Tech on what exactly he meant by quad rings?????????????:newsmile055:
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    Since the dealer tech told your friend, and he told you, and you told us, there's a possibility that something got lost in the translation. There is a piston seal kit that contains 2 seals for each of the 2 caliper pistons (4 seals total). I've heard of the kit referred to as Quad seals.
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    The Quad seals are the seals inside the calipers, no adjustment, however if they are leaking you will lose your brakes
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    Its a shame the technican did not explain it to customer the way you explained it Jack. Now even I understand. Is it the same as the square cut seal that pull piston back from caliper when lever is released, that sometimes allow fluid to pass by, then the dust boot for the piston retains the brake fluid causing no application of the front pads??????
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    Quite possibly you have to clean the pistons in the calipers. You'll get some sluggish operation when if they are full of brake dust.
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    It sounds like the pads are worn out thus causing the long pull at the brake lever. As an added extra, it might not be a bad idea to have the calipers rebuilt depending on mileage and time. Make sure the correct type of brake fluid is used in the rebuilt system. I am sure the dealer troop meant Quad Seal Kit. I work with quad rings in jet engines, not in motorcycle brakes. Hope your friend gets this cleaned up.
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    Well, concerning worn parts. My friend Terry is in his mid sixties, married for the second time had two kids, the oldest just turned 13 the youngest is 10. worked two jobs until getting let go from his primary job last spring. As you can imagine he doesn't get much riding time' in fact he dropped his insurance on the bike before the start of last winter and never had it reinstated this year. His bike never made it out the shed he keeps it in this year. Although the bike 10 years old last time I asked he had less than 5000 miles on it. He says the issue has been there since he first bought the bike. I haven't a clue why he wouldn't have taken it in for repair under warranty when it was new. anyway I'll let him know that based on responses here that his 'Quad Rings' are probably right next to the canuttin valve.